Voices from Within–3


David DiPietro Weiss

♦ Love . . . Actually!

♦ Possibility Consciousness

♦ Astral-Energy Events

♦ The Spirit is Moved by Choice

  • Size: 5 x 8
  • No. Pages: 36
  • Published: 2016
  • ISBN: Publisher Direct only


Book three of Voices from Within begins with Love . . . Actually! What is love and what traits and feelings contribute to love as we define it on the third dimensional plane? More importantly, What is Love, Actually? Weiss examines a more majestic definition by introducing universal Love and how it is achieved.

Possibility Consciousness  addresses how we enter into the psychic world of energy or pranic healers and why it becomes possible to have energy healing experiences. The phenomenon of world-wide healers, living and gone such as John of God, Bruno, Bracco, Amma and many others are mentioned here. How does this work? What consciousness are we witnessing?

Essay number three, Astral-Energy Events, looks at phenomena that is witnessed and predicted in the stars or astral events. What about the events such as full moon energy, the harmonic convergence and the Grand Cross? What affect, if any, do these events have on the mortals that inhabit the earth?

The final essay in Book three is called, The Spirit is Moved by Choice. Do you make your own choices? Is life predestined and you have no choice? What about third dimension choices that we seem to make each day of our lives? There is much more to the term choice than we might realize or have considered. Are our collective lives an illusion as Plato and Vedic teachings suggest? Where and how do we in this dimension make choices?