A Divine Psyche Manifesto & other poems


by Ron Lampi

  • Size: 5.5 x 8.5
  • No. Pages: 42
  • Published: 2016
  • ISBN: 976-1-935914-71-6


The power-packed poems of this short work inspire us to reach for and commit to our highest vision at this critical time when humanity stands poised on the brink of transformation or destruction.

Ron Lampi, passionate poet of the New Age, presents in this volume an irrepressible wake-up call in his seductive prose-poetry style that beckons to be read aloud.

The gift of Psyche is a coming home to ourselves, to our own Higher Self empowerment emerging in these turbulent times.


All of the poems in this short work are taken from the massive collection (at this time unpublished) titled Advent. The intimate story of Lampi’s connection with Psyche is told in The Vision of Psyche & other poems.



LampiPhotoCROPPEDRon “The Lamp” Lampi, Ronald A. Lampi (Ral)

Philosopher-poet, writer, astrologer, lecturer, photographer, discussion group facilitator. . .

“The Lamp of Psyche”
Poet of the New Age

Visionary poet and philosopher/interpreter of life Ron Lampi has published ten books. He resides in Felton, California where he actively performs his work publicly.

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Years of lies! cover-ups! deceit & deception & disinformation!
media minions packaging sound-bite placebos
—the medium is the message, goes the electro-sage maxim,
      unreality dished up on instant TV dinner platters—
& our forgotten spiritual energies are dammed up
like real atomic power in a somatic containment underground
by conditioned insecurity of Ego, our slick narcissistic little dictator,
its gray matter reduced to a fetid mass of resumes—

People! Fellow Americans! Citizens of the world!
Did we not have a Dream? A Dream of our Mother planet
turning to a new dawn, turning to the Sun to celebrate
our long-awaited soul liberation, the Golden Light promise
      of the Aquarian?
Has the Dream been betrayed?
Must we suffer a Dark Age?

Too long has Divine Power within breast & skull been forgotten.
Too long our tired disappointment over some past psychedelic revolution
Too long have we been duped by our own disillusionment, falling prey
to the cynic sycophants of the Grand Media behind-the-curtain

      Are we cowards?  Can we not keep our eyes open?
      Can we not praise new Vision in our midst?
      Let us say it:  Our cynicism is rot.
A wind is picking up & sweeping through us, a new Word
goes forth, a tiny Seed to burst the old Piscean cosmos open—

                                                       into Revelation!

                 Seed of Uranian Vision!

exploding open the vast multiplicity of multidimensional Divinity

               Seed of DIVINE PSYCHE!

Divine Psyche, who radicalizes & polyphrenizes the monolithic
      lifelong fortress of little dictator Ego.
Divine Psyche, who revitalizes & dynamo charges the body parched
      & shriveled, without desire.
Divine Psyche, who inspires, reorients & leads new armies of radically
      creative spiritual warriors.
Divine Psyche, who is Fountain of Unlimited Creativity, calling us,
      the artists, to bring forth the new ore of Divinity into the world.
Divine Psyche, who is wise counselor to our own private, labyrinthine
Divine Psyche, who is a Golden Thread weaving a new Story of us,
      a new history of soul.
Divine Psyche, who is endless revealing, exposing the Secret Controllers
      who exploit & manipulate billions of souls on Earth.
Divine Psyche, who is Liberator from despotic Technos & the worldwide
      Big Brother New World Order conspiracy network.
Divine Psyche, who is Tree of New Life, a new covenant for Earth
      for generations to come.
|Divine Psyche, who is our interface Guide among all cosmic Powers
      today contacting us.
Divine Psyche, who is new Word of a new Song
      behind each word of our tongue.
We have pushed on into a new century,
      a new Millennium, a New Age—
We are going on through the battle zone.
People, there is new Vision, a Living Image
coming among us of a Higher Self we are—
Seed of Divine Psyche I share with you.

         …from A Divine Psyche Manifesto