At some point in this Earthly walk, it becomes clear that the reason we came is to create stories, to share stories, to sculpt our life into the best story it can be. Each one of us is a precious spark of individuated divine Love, and as such, every story has magic and grandeur in its uniqueness.

The treasure that is YOU was born for a brief tenure in this world – and this corporeal identity evaporates into the ALL upon leaving. And yet, the imprint that you made, the story that was YOU makes an impression in the ONE MIND now and always.

Undertaking the writing of your personal story – whatever it is you have to say – is transformational beyond what any therapeutic regimen might accomplish. When you look deeply into your soul and begin to touch your story, you engage the magical process whereby you become your own best friend, your dearest and most compassionate companion, and you may even discover THE BELOVED – the ultimate dance partner that is the Divine YOU. It is a gift beyond understanding…

Showcase your unique gift

Therapists and practitioners of healing arts have devoted years or even lifetimes to developing the expression of a unique approach. The manner in which you work with others to bring new insights or new levels of health may have blossomed as a gift, been earned through years of study, or sculpted step by step into a painstakingly honed talent. If you haven’t already written your first book, the allure of your Self expression has without a doubt invited you from within the depth of your being to consider doing so. If you’ve already written one book, a second book is certain to be on the way that extends your vision with new insights and applications to the moment at hand.

Your book, offered through print and electronic media, is now your business card. Through your book, you present yourself to others in a way that allows them to capture a glimpse of who you are. By giving the gift of yourself in this way, you draw others to approach you for more depth. But these are my ideas! you might say… What if someone wants to steal my ideas? “Life is open source,” says Swami Beyondananda. When you give of yourself, you invite more of the grandeur of your Self to be available to you. You cannot lose anything by offering yourself through your book, the product of your life’s meaning. It is always a win, win, win!

Many people dream of selling their books to become millionaires. If that is meant to happen for you, it will happen in accordance with the mystery of your particular life path. The process of loving yourself enough to focus and write the story of your life — or the lessons you have acquired or the methods you have developed through your work — ultimately is about creating a permanent record in the field of consciousness representing that spark of divinity that You Are. Your book is your ultimate way of saying, “I was here!”

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