Options for Online Retailers

When your book file is finalized, we are ready to upload your book to the master digital catalog that will make your book available through Print-on-Demand.

Consider the following options, which we will discuss with you prior to final upload of your book.

OPTION #1 — Set up my book initially with “Publisher Direct” sales only.
You can activate full market distribution at a later time – or not at all.

OPTION #2 — Set up my book NOW with “full market availability.”  If you choose this option, you might also want to consider the following:

–You may elect to have your book listed one time in Ingram Advance

–You may want to setup a Returns Program so that bookstores will be more likely to stock your book.


OPTION #1: Setting Up Your Book as “Publisher Direct” Only

–Do you have regular interactions with clients and/or a defined audience for your work?

–Do you want to earn maximum profit from the sale of your book?

If so, consider making your book available Publisher Direct only. If you choose this option, it means that your book will only be available for sale directly from you or from River Sanctuary Publishing. In this case, your book will not be sold through online retailers such as Amazon and BarnesandNoble.com …at least not initially. Some authors have found it creates a sense of excitement and “special demand” when the book is only available through the author (or RSP website) and not available on Amazon.

Another option is to offer your book for the first few month by Publisher Direct, and when sales taper off, then ask RSP to activate your book for sale through the online distribution system.


 OPTION #2: Making Your Book Available through Online Retailers (Amazon, BarnesNoble.com etc.)

–Do you have a network of “fans” through your personal website and Facebook?

–Are you planning a campaign that announces the release of your book and eBook as a package, and/or directs buyers to Amazon on a particular day?

–Do you wish to list your book in Ingram Advance Catalog? (only available if full market distribution is selected at time of your book’s initial setup in the online system)

–Do you wish to set up a Returns Program so that bookstores will be more likely to stock your book?

This option is available to you to choose:

a) at the time of initial setup of your book;

b) at a later time after you have sold your book by yourself and through the RSP website for the first month or two; or

c) not at all.

Activation with online retailers means your book will be picked up by Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com, and a potential host of other major online retailers. Availability includes international marketplaces to which RSP has established territorial rights. The advantage of online distribution is access to the vast market of all book buyers. The number of potential customers is increased exponentially by online distribution.

However, the author needs to realize that online retailers work with a high margin (55% preferred by Amazon) which allows them to discount your book and essentially compete against the author for sales. Thus, it could be advantageous to you, depending on your marketing plan, to make as many sales as you can through your personal network before activating the book for electronic sales. Alternatively, if you are launching a campaign to direct buyers to Amazon, then by all means you will want to choose online distribution at the time of set-up! Remember: It is unlikely anyone will randomly discover your book and purchase it on Amazon. It still takes publicity to get your book noticed.


Notice regarding Catalog fee: Upon your request for online distribution, a catalog fee is paid by RSP for the first year. In subsequent years, RSP will send you notice to collect payment of $18 in order to continue an active listing in the master digital catalog. In the event that you choose to cancel online distribution, the title will continue to be available through you or RSP (as noted above) and will be noted on Amazon.com and other online retailers as “unavailable.”