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STEP TWO: Publication Readiness Assessment (PRA)

We have a submission process where we assess your work and determine if we’d like to publish it.  We may recommend a Publication Readiness Assessment in order to review your work and give you feedback.  There are a variety of factors that go into our decision to accept a book for publication.  If, in our estimation, your book isn’t “ready for prime time,” we outline for you what we think it needs and suggest where you might take it if we’re not interested in publishing it.

If we have already approved your manuscript for publication, skip to Step Three.

STEP THREE:  Study your Design Services Proposal and estimated Cost-Profit Analysis

If your book meets our standards and is compatible with our goals, we provide you with an RSP Design Services proposal that includes an estimate of cost for designing your book in accordance with the discussion we have had, and setting up your book for Print-on-Demand.

Your costs are determined by the length and complexity of the book, the number of images; in other words, by how much work we estimate is involved.  For example, if you give us a cover design or mockup or an image to work with, your cost for cover design will be lower.  Typical cost to create a book is $800-$1200 total.  Production costs are lower for short books like poetry and monographs such as those in the SoulTalk series.

CLICK HERE for sample Design Services Proposal

You will probably want to order 25, 50 or 100 books to sell yourself or give away to family and/or friends. In this way we are different than other similar services.  We make copies of your book available to you for $0.75 above what we pay for print cost (which is our administrative fee to keep us in business).  This is the most important thing you’ll want to know when you check out similar services. How do they determine the wholesale price (cost to you) per copy and the retail price?  How do they determine your “royalty?”

We do our calculations based on print cost, which is based on the number of pages, in order to give you the most benefit we can.

CLICK HERE for sample Print Costs and Profits Analysis

STEP FOUR:  Review and sign the Publishing Agreement and pay 50% deposit of design fees

In making your decision to accept our proposal for services, you will also want to familiarize yourself with our Publishing Agreement.

CLICK HERE for sample Publishing Agreement

We are happy to answer any questions you may have.  At the point that you are happy with the terms we are proposing, we will send you a completed Publishing Agreement for you to sign electronically (or print out and return by mail).  A deposit of 50% of the design services fee gets you started.  The 50% balance of design fees will be due at the point your book layout is completed and you are ready for us to upload your files to our digital printing partner.

You are now a River Sanctuary author.  Welcome aboard!