Final Steps

Wonderful!  You are ready to move into the final steps of the publishing process.

STEP ONE: Provide feedback on drafts of your interior and cover layouts

When we have completed the draft layout of your book’s interior and cover, we will email you a PDF file for your review. Don’t be surprised if you have new thoughts about your book once you actually see it in layout form! You can still make changes, but at this point you must provide us an Errata document noting the page number, paragraph and line number with the old text and new text indicated.

STEP TWO:   Receive your printed proof. Review it carefully

Changes at this point require an upload of a new interior and/or cover file, at a cost of $50/file upload. So we do everything possible to have as close to final version to avoid successive revisions.


STEP THREE: Determine digital catalog setup for your book in order to meet your goals

Study the following resources on the website:

Select three (3) BISC Subject Headings

Planning for online retailers

Options for selling your book

Promoting your book

More tips for selling your book


STEP FOUR: Decide on an initial book order

Standard black-and-white interior book contracts include five (5) complimentary copies. In addition, most authors order a quantity of books (at author print cost, plus shipping) to give as gifts to family and friends, mail as promotion for their business, sell at planned events, etc.


STEP FIVE: Receive your first profit payment at the close of the quarter



You are now a published author!