Lucky For Me by Maureen Burkley

Lucky For Me follows Lucky and Maureen as they navigate the ups and downs of the rocky terrain of self-acceptance and self-love. Their inspiring adventure shows us what is possible with love, courage, forgiveness, and trust.

Island Dreams by Pamela Morgan

A Woman’s Solo Journey to New Zealand and the South Seas

Accompany Pam as she explores quaint towns and villages, pristine beaches and breathtaking vistas above and below water, at times exploring alone, oftentimes in the company of endearing characters who team up with her along the way.

NEW from poet-philosopher Ron Lampi


The New Age Vision

Poet and metaphysician Ron Lampi takes on themes of Postmodernity, World Ages, Spirit, soul, Higher Self, psychospiritual evolution, Psyche, Technos, Gaia, Other Intelligence, the astral-psychic, Mythos…with extraordinary verve that only Ron “The Lamp” Lampi can offer!

THE HEALER'S WAY by Rahul Patel

A book full of possibilities for maintaining vibrant health, written by a master who lived these teachings and kept cancer at bay for 25 years.

KOREA (bilingual edition) by Han-Jae Lee

Award-winning poet Han-Jae Lee expresses a deep appreciation and kinship with all things — both natural and manmade.

“The clouds are like magicians who build the world
without any troublesome measures”



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Plato and Me
Dino Calabrese


NEW RELEASE  The London Notebook by John Urban


Six Heroes of Mexico
Bilingual Kids’ Book
by Bonnie Muth MacMillan



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House Calls
by Terry Hollenbeck, MD
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River Sanctuary Publishing provides the interface for you to receive and sell copies of your books through our print partner, Lightning Source, a division of Ingram Inc. which is the largest digital book printer and distributor in the USA. Your book files are uploaded and made available for sale through our account with Lightning Source. You receive immediate earnings for any books you buy wholesale and sell yourself. River Sanctuary Publishing receives monies for any sales of your books made through the various channels, and mails a profit statement and payment to you quarterly.

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Now is the perfect time to begin planning for the release of your book.  You’ll want to think through how you will use this book release to promote yourself or your business.  Or perhaps your goal is to create something special as a gift to your family and friends — for which you won’t require channel distribution.  We work with you to launch your book and/or eBook in the way that best meets your needs and goals.

Trusting Inner Teacher by January HandlFull Color Books

There are now multiple tiers of quality and pricing available for full-color books. We can now easily produce color instructional books, photo books and memory books that are beautiful and affordable.

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State-of-the-art in eBooks is constantly changing! River Sanctuary Publishing offers you the latest eBook technology with sales venues through Amazon (for Kindle), the iBookstore (Apple), Barnes and Noble (for Nook device), and Kobo (the largest Canadian e-book online retailer).