COVERED IN CATS by Anita Camera

Stories of Felines and Other Astounding Beings

Illustrated with more than 50 photographs from Anita’s extensive photo collection.

“I did as I was told, and in the course of the morning and afternoon, four gorgeous kittens were born. I watched in amazement as, barely born, they went on straightaway to perform a miracle – turning four taciturn young bikers into beaming surrogate dads.”

NEW CHILDREN'S BOOK by Dino Calabrese

 Steven and Plato embark on a journey where they receive help and learning from a raven, a boulder, a tree, a river, Queenie Bee, and other remarkable characters.

“I never heard a beetle talk before. As a matter of fact, I never heard a crow or a squirrel or a bee talk . . ., or a tree, for that matter. I must be dreaming!”

“Well . . . you are not dreaming because I am talking to you right now.”


NEW HARDCOVER BOOK from brother hermit...

The Ladder of Prayer: What A Course In Miracles Teaches About Prayer, Forgiveness and Healing

Inspired by The Song Of Prayer – a 22-page extension of the principles of A Course In Miracles.

Jesus presents many examples of false and true versions of prayer, forgiveness, and healing.

NEW from poet and metaphysician Ron Lampi

Technos & Psyche… A  Prelude, & Other Poems

You were first to inspire me—and how many songs
of the great Song my Tongue learned of You & sent forth,
encourage my Song to be written now

Beautiful Bilingual Children's Book with Original Paintings

Six Heroes of Mexico

by Bonnie Muth MacMillan

Bilingual English/Spanish beautiful full-color illustrated storybook for children of all ages! Stories of men and women who fought the tyranny and oppression of the Spanish aristocracy for the independence of Mexico.


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Plato and Me
Dino Calabrese


NEW RELEASE  The London Notebook by John Urban


Six Heroes of Mexico
Bilingual Kids’ Book
by Bonnie Muth MacMillan



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House Calls
by Terry Hollenbeck, MD
House Calls cover


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Trusting Inner Teacher by January HandlFull Color Books

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