Manuscript Review and Editing

Initial Review

An initial review of your manuscript is required to determine whether or not River Sanctuary Publishing wishes to consider it for publication.

The cost for this is .003/word. (50% of this cost will be applied toward your publishing costs should we reach mutual agreement on RSP publishing your book.)

Examples: 40,000 words—$120.00     70,000 words—$210.00       100,000 words—$300.00

You will receive a two-page summary of our review with one of the recommendations below:

YES!  We would like to publish your manuscript, we will recommend one of the following courses of action:

  • The manuscript is clean and nicely edited; it is ready for publication in the condition provided to us. OR
  • The manuscript is reasonably clean but would benefit from a proofread to correct minor errors. You may work with one of our proofreaders or someone of your choosing. OR
  • The manuscript would benefit from a major revision or edit, whether working with one of our editors or one of your own.


Sorry!  We choose not to publish your work at this time.

River Sanctuary Publishing chooses not to publish this manuscript.  This may be due to the content not being in alignment with our mission, an extensive process is needed to improve the writing, or others reasons we will delineate in the review. You are of course encouraged to pursue publishing your work in one of the many avenues available in today’s publishing world.

Basic Editing / Proofreading

We provide proofreading services at .012/word. In a proofread, we correct typos, punctuation errors, and minor grammatical (word choice) errors. If we proofread your manuscript, we will in addition cover the cost of one (1) revision of the manuscript interior to correct any error(s) that we missed.

Examples:   40,000 words—$480      70,000 words—$840.00       100,000 words—$1200.00

Deep Editing / Reorganization / Major Revisions

Call us, or send a message through the Contact Us form to request a referral to one of our professional editors who will work with you to improve your manuscript. We will be happy to consider your book for publication once you have completed your editing process.