The crossing of our paths was a blessing. After our first telephone conversation I knew I was in the right place. Believing I had a completed manuscript ready to be printed, I quickly learned that this part of my poetic journey wasn’t fully unraveled yet. With your knowledge, keen insight and artistic ability you assisted me successfully in weaving my first book publication… “Scent of Love”      Your unlimited patience and exquisite talent allowed me to joyfully present my reflected expressions with ease.

I am forever grateful for you and all your efforts. Thank you my forever friend. In Love, Light and Beauty,
Dominique Rose

Dominique Rose

Westchester, New York

My book, The Day The Colors Became Friends, lived in my computer for 4 years. I had procrastinated and put off pursuing publishing it, far too many times to count.  That is, until  heard about Annie Elizabeth and River Sanctuary Publishing. The book that I held in my hand and looked at was beautiful, and had been published by RSP. I knew then why I had waited 4 years. Annie was clearly the one with the artistic expertise, mastery of page design and layout that I had been looking for. I contacted her and she sent me information so that I would understand not only their services, but also the process.

Annie Elizabeth is kind, calm and thoughtful. We communicated by email and a few phone calls. She guided me along with no pressure to make quick decisions or pressure to move faster through the process. She is a true professional. When she emailed the very first digital document to me of the book, I was so overwhelmed with joy and emotion that I cried tears of happiness. There it was, the book that I had imagined. Annie had gotten what the book was all about, and the spirit in which it was written. She “magically” turned the vision I had in my mind’s eye into a reality. She nailed it in so many areas and on every page of the book.

River Sanctuary Publishing has so many things to offer authors at no cost. The services that they do charge for are clearly posted on their website. What you see is what you get. No surprises or hidden fees.   The Day The Colors Became Friends is so much more than I had ever imagined. I believe that those who read it will feel the spirit in which it was written and produced.  So, if you have a book that’s been living in your computer, or on index cards, in a notebook or written on scraps of paper, give yourself the gift of joining with Annie and creating a book that you can share with the world.

Debra Madison

Sacramento, CA

I’d been working on my book — From Illness to Stillness: Uncovering Your Innermost Being — off and on for nearly six years when I came across an article in Connection Magazine by Annie Elizabeth of River Sanctuary Publishing.

I wasn’t looking for a publisher at that moment, yet I’d found one. I could feel a resonance in this article, which focused on consciousness and trust, not greed and profit. The professional elements were there, too, yet equally important were all areas related to ensuring creative expression and author benefit.

The first query I made, via email, to River Sanctuary Publishing related to my quest for a professional editor. Annie Elizabeth responded quickly offering two referrals and the journey toward publication took a giant step forward.

Publishing a book is much different than writing one. When I finally met with Annie Elizabeth, some months later, a kindred spirit escorted me into her home. Here was a woman whose foremost concern was my humanity. It was nice to be in a relaxed environment. We sat down as if two old friends having tea. The book was now our shared adventure.

River Sanctuary handled all technical details with ease, adding expertise in several areas, including a couple that I had not considered. Kindness and openness were the vibration that resonated throughout the publication process.

I highly recommend River Sanctuary Publishing. Every time I contacted Annie Elizabeth whether the item related to large aspects of the publication, like ‘Front Cover design’, to little details, each was handled with equal professionalism and ease. Annie Elizabeth’s feedback in all areas of publication helped to ensure my book reached its potential. If you choose to publish with River Sanctuary, you will get maximum author commissions, professional guidance, creative control and most importantly, a caring, compassionate publisher.

Michael Harrington

Ben Lomond, CA

I highly recommend River Sanctuary Publishing! As a novice author and poet, I was quite intimidated by all the possibilities and hindrances to getting my work seen. Annie Elizabeth was such a gentle guide, offering edits and always checking out formatting, and any changes or glitches with me. Her feedback was invaluable throughout putting both my first and second books together. Then the marketing was part of the package, as the books could be bought through on-line sites. On my second book I was collaborating with a photographer/designer and again, Annie-Elizabeth worked through our edits and changes and made incredibly helpful suggestions. Beyond the technical and marketplace expertise that River Sanctuary Publishing offers is the kind caring folks who come from the heart in a way that holds space for others to do the same!
January Handl

Santa Cruz, CA

River Sanctuary Publishing played a vital role in getting my book published. They provided a very thorough proofreading and worked with me on all aspects of book design and layout. Owners Annie Elizabeth and David were always on hand to guide me through the publishing process, and gave all the information I needed on how to get my finished book into bookstores and on the internet. Most importantly for me was that they are genuinely kind and positive people. I had a truly wonderful and positive experience getting my book published through River Sanctuary Publishing.
Stephen Snyder

Santa Cruz, California

Working with Annie of River Sanctuary Publishing was both a joy and an honor. She knows the publishing business very well, answered my inquiries in a timely manner and has been very willing to work with my specific needs and desires. And all of this was done with  a very loving, positive, happy attitude throughout my first book-birthing process. Great thanks, Annie, for being such a great midwife!

Mt. Shasta, CA

River Sanctuary Publishing was everything and more that I was hoping to find for completing my children’s picture book. Annie and David were the publishers with whom I could interact directly. Annie was willing and patient to work with me on the book layout in her home office. When there was an unexpected expense she offered to reduce her very reasonable rate though this was declined by me. The problem was my choice of illustration scanning service. She renegotiated the price for me. She never fell short on her part of the job though I was requesting a short turn around time from delivery of the manuscript and illustrations to listing it on internet book sales sites.  It was a wonderful learning and sharing experience.
Heidi Drew

Bouder Creek, CA