Welcome to River Sanctuary Publishing!

It is our honor and pleasure to be of assistance to you as we together foster and create our personal stories, writings and publications that awaken body, mind, and spirit. Your hosts and publishers, David DiPietro Weiss and Annie Elizabeth Porter, are ready to assure your complete satisfaction with the myriad of services offered to publish your dream book.

Our Mission Statement

We facilitate and mentor new and seasoned authors in completing their books and making them easily available to buyers with what we believe to be the most transparent and author-favorable terms to be found in the Print-on-Demand industry. Our goal is to provide authors with superb, personalized service.

Situated in the beautiful San Lorenzo Valley in Felton, California, and shrouded by beautiful redwoods overlooking the confluence of a scenic tumbling creek and the gently flowing San Lorenzo River, River Sanctuary Publishing offers a personal, professional and intimate experience to develop and nurture your writing dream to fruition. Our unique personal service, with regular two-way communication between you and our team, is a primary example of our commitment to you. Our beautifully and individually designed book covers and interior design are not the result of “templates” as offered by many similar services, but are co-designed with your valuable input and suggestions. All this personal service is complimented by welcomed low costs. We invite you to take time and compare our prices and commitment with other similar publishing services in the marketplace. You will be impressed by the quality, overall cost, and personal attention you will receive.

Please let us introduce ourselves:

annie-pic2Annie Elizabeth MS, MA, co-founder of River Sanctuary Publishing, is an inspirational poet and the author of Affirmations for Everyday Living – How to Create Clarity, Success, and Joy in your Daily Life! She is a spiritual coach and practitioner of pranic (energy) healing for body, mind and spirit. Her writings and healings have inspired many of the frequent visitors to our River Sanctuary Retreat. She embarked on her spiritual journey early in life as an avid student of the psychic sciences and A Course in Miracles. After spending 20 years as director of curriculum for the Stanford University School of Medicine, she has now dedicated her life to assisting others by lending her considerable experience and talent to publish their spiritual and self-help offerings.


AuthorPhotoSmallDavid DiPietro Weiss MA, co-founder of River Sanctuary Publishing, has studied, practiced and written in many genres of spiritual theory. His provocative essays and literary ventures into human spirituality have fascinated and challenged all to form a spirit contract with one’s soul. Such titles as A Contract With Your Soul, The Dilemma of the Third Dimension and his latest works published within the last year or two, There ‘s Only ONE of Us Here, and Impressions From Yonder Soul, have opened new vistas in the pursuit of one’s spiritual quests. His career in mindful education, as demonstrated in over 30 years of public education, has led hundreds of students of all ages to connect with their spiritual source. Look for his Soul Talk series of essays and poems.

As a business organization with a spiritual backbone, River Sanctuary Publishing has established unique tenets from which we choose to operate in both personal and business ventures. As such, we offer the following as our company and personal manifesto as a guide to our thoughts and practices.

We know that —

…We are all one with Source.

…God roams in the guise of many names.

…What we experience as “reality” is a projection of our thoughts and beliefs.

…Peace and Abundance are our birthright.

…Our time on Earth is to contribute to life and awaken to Who We Really Are.

…Every soul has equal access and equal potential to experience the Truth within.

…Everyone is a student – Everyone is a teacher.

…There is no one path of enlightenment…for the soul walks on many paths.

…We are open to all beliefs and practices that foster this knowing.


David & Annie