Artwork and Images

Upload your images to our Dropbox

In selecting color images for your cover, or black-and-white images for your interior, keep in mind the following:

You must own the image, i.e., it must be your own photograph or illustration, or you (or RSP) purchased it from an image file. If you are using someone else’s artwork or photograph, you must have their permission and then give this person credit on the copyright page.


Photographs and illustrations must be at least 300 dpi, preferably 350 dpi (dots or pixels per inch) for color images. Images taken from the internet are usually 72 dpi and are not high enough quality for printing.


Color images can be converted to Black-and-White. DO NOT PREPARE IMAGES YOURSELF. Best results will be achieved if we do the image adjustment.

Do NOT make any modifications to the original images using photo editing programs.


Name or number the images to indicate where they should appear in the manuscript. Or, send us clear notes indicating where you would like the images to be placed.

High-resolution image files will be a large. It is best to upload them to our dropbox: