Now in its fourth year, River Sanctuary Publishing (RSP) has produced 37 books, many of them for authors in the Santa Cruz area. RSP is proud to feature new releases of local authors, the most prolific of whom is, without a doubt, Ron Lampi.

LampiPhotoCROPPEDLampi has multiple works available through River Sanctuary Publishing, including:

Through the Corridors (of the Labyrinth)—a collection of poetry

The Poet Reflects—a glimpse into the inner world of the poet

The New Story—two longer poems The Next Act and Our Fishbowl World

Through the Labyrinth—a guided meditation performance piece leading one to the fountain of inner creativity

With more than 10 books and 20 more manuscripts in his collection, there is no question that Ron Lampi has accessed and lives in devotion to Psyche, the muse of creativity. This year, he conducted a series of workshops on awakening and embracing one’s highest creative potential. Says Lampi, “Creativity is the birthright of all. This is a workshop for artists of all genres and all creative persons who want to take their creativity to another level. It is for those who want to apply a constantly creative way of being to any area of life. The practice of creativity can be a spiritual path.”

His most substantial project this year has been publication of the collection On The Cruz: Poems of Santa Cruz.

On THE CRUZThe book is a joy ride, a relentless celebration of the magic on parade in this place we call The Cruz. In the poem, “Inside the VORTEX,” Lampi tells of the scene on Pacific Avenue:

This is the place, this is it, if you want it,
out here on the Edge of the continent—
There is something wanting to happen here,
something wanting to manifest, to be born here—
Stand here in the swirl of the Vortex & you will feel it—
Are you prepared? Will you be? Will you ever be prepared,
to do your part
in the swirling birthing process? …

   The Vortex—
a swirling cauldron of human energies, desires, dreams, schemes,
& pipedreams,
& all of your everyday delusions you will find here,
& those rather uncommon—

                        Look at all the weirdness, she said.
Hand-in-hand the young couple walks Pacific Ave—
This is The Cruz they’ve always heard about.

Throughout its six sections and more than 300 pages, On The Cruz delivers carefully crafted poetry that elicits the deepest levels of affection and awe for this treasure that is Santa Cruz. In offering this collection, Lampi earns his role as the poet to “remember all there is to remember…and bring into play all the Threads of place that weave what it was, & is, now, how it’s changing, changing…

Dive into this spectacular celebration of the vibrant character and history of Santa Cruz and you won’t be disappointed. Read it out loud to the rhythm of the beat, shed tears remembering Santa Cruz before the earthquake, affirm that the magic continues, and revel in the endearing uniqueness and beauty that Santa Cruz is known for.


River Sanctuary Publishing is proud to support local authors in completing their work and making books available worldwide through print on demand. You can learn more about our publishing service at Call for more information (831) 335-7283.

Annie Elizabeth Porter and David Weiss of River Sanctuary Publishing