Your Book Cover

Give input on Cover Design

The more input you give us on your ideas for the cover, the more likely you are to be satisfied with the final product, and the less likely you are to incur additional charges for special graphic design services.

Cover text and styling: Your text is the most important part of your cover! Get as clear in your mind as you can about your title and subtitle. Then, peruse your book collection and find cover(s) with text styling you like. Make photocopies and send to us.

Cover design: What images come to mind when you think of your book? Look through your book collection again and pick some cover designs that are pleasing to you.

Images: You can search for potential images for your book cover at:   You can peruse their image file without signing up for an account. Write down the numbers of any images that speak to you. Keep in mind the text for your cover and imagine how the text will look with the image.

Remember: The text items (your title, subtitle, and author name) are the most important part of your cover. These should not be eclipsed by the image.

If you don’t want to search for an image, no problem! Make a sketch or drawing of how you imagine your front cover might look. Or, photocopy the cover of a book you like. Send these items to RSP.

Back cover: Don’t forget to think about the back cover! Look through your book collection again and think about what information you’d like to include on your back cover.

Standard back-cover items to consider:

–Catch-phrase for the book

–Synopsis paragraph

–Author photo

–About the author statement