The Emerald Tablets for 2012 & Beyond: Ancient Wisdom Rewritten for the Present-Time Truth Seeker


by Ashalyn & Thoth the Atlantean

  • Size: 6 x 9 color
  • No. Pages: 212
  • Published: 2011
  • ISBN: 978-1-935914-09-9


It was on sacred Mount Shasta, that Ashalyn was asked by Thoth the Atlantean to rewrite the Emerald Tablets for the 21st century.  Thoth felt that its message needed to be heard once again and is still relevant to our present state of conscious awareness.

The twelve Emerald Tablets were given to Thoth over 20,000 years ago as a reminder of our heritage.  This rewritten ancient book of wisdom is a must-read for anyone seeking to understand the limitlessness of our human consciousness.


AshalynPhotoAshalyn is Owner/Director of Shasta Vortex Adventures in Mount Shasta, California, Editor in Chief of Mountain Spirit Chronicles and President of Ascension Heights Health Resort – a vision in the making. She offers Shamanic Hypnotherapy sessions, Sacred Site Treks and Guided Vision Quests to clients throughout the world. Ashalyn is committed to “…creating the Golden Age with each breath I take.”

The Emerald Tablets for 2012 & Beyond is Ashalyn’s first published book. She is presently working on two other channeled books on spiritual growth and awareness, soon to be available.

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Tablets_character2This book was written by Ashalyn, who is a channel for Thoth the Atlantean, a King-Priest of ancient Atlantis. Together they take us back to Thoth’s experiences in ancient Atlantis, Lemuria and Khem (Egypt) while on his ongoing quest for divine knowledge and wisdom. The legend of Atlantis is indeed a true story, which will become evident as you read The Emerald Tablets for 2012 & Beyond. This book is a revised version of The Emerald Tablets of Thoth-the-Atlantean, specifically for the 21st century reader.

Thoth the Atlantean was an immortal King-Priest of Atlantis on the island of Undal, in the city of Keor, over 40,000 years ago. As Atlantis was sinking beneath the ocean, he was told by his spiritual teacher, The Dweller, to take his space ship and those he could trust, along with his sacred documents and items of power and go to Khem. Once there, Thoth became their King-Priest for 10,000 years. The Atlanteans helped the people of Khem create a civilization almost equal to that of Atlantis, which included building the Great Pyramid.

Many years after Thoth left Khem, he was given the emerald tablets to help the people of Khem remember their divine heritage. The twelve emerald green tablets were held together by gold metal hoops and had many raised characters on them that were in an ancient language. They contained a record of Thoth’s life as King-Priest of Atlantis and Khem, along with the many truths he had discovered on his pursuit of knowledge and wisdom throughout this galaxy and beyond.

Years later, the emerald tablets were taken to the Yucatan, where they were eventually hidden in the Temple of the Sun to protect them from invaders. In more recent times (around 1925), Dr. Maurice Doreal was shown the ancient hiding place of the emerald tablets and was directed to translate them and write a book which he titled, The Emerald Tablets of Thoth-the-Atlantean. This book was first published in 1939.

Thoth’s spiritual journeys took him to many unusual places. These included the Dweller’s sacred Temple on the Atlantean island of Unal; underneath the earth’s crust into the Halls of Amenti, which is the home of the Flower of Life; into the Halls of Arulu where the Great Ones have passed; to the gates of the Great Barrier where he was chased by the hounds of the barrier; into the Great Abyss and much more.

In The Emerald Tablets for 2012 and Beyond, Ashalyn and Thoth expand upon that same information, as well as rewriting the original text in a style that is much easier for the present day reader to understand. Thoth also includes new details about the islands of Atlantis and the continent of Lemuria and clarifies some of the misconceptions about who he really is. The book’s twelve-page Indexed Glossary clarifies certain phrases and key concepts that may have been confusing or misleading.

In the chapter introductions, directions are given to assist the reader in accessing truth in a grounded, discerning way with their hearts and eyes open to all that is happening around them. Thoth also challenges them to take part in creating the world they want to live in, rather than observing with apathy, helplessness, fear and anger. In Chapter 20, Ascension ~ Divine Man Exposed, the reader is taken on an enlightening journey to experience their oneness with All That Is. Ashalyn has created an MP3 version of that chapter as a guided meditation which is available at:

Join Thoth and Ashalyn in The Emerald Tablets for 2012 and Beyond as the emerald tablets come alive once again. Know that the Universal Laws and concepts therein are essential for living in peace and harmony, on this planet and beyond.



Gratitude and kudos to Ashalyn for having the courage to bring this timeless wisdom into form!  Also, after reading the chapter, Ascension–Divine Man Exposed, I feel that this teaching is the next thing to know.  Learn this before you learn anything else–then, live it!

—Pamela Yamanja Pietri, Vin alchemist; Sonoma CA


While reading this book, my heart began to sing with joy!  I understood these sacred symbols and phrases as keys to the higher realms of consciousness and our soul’s liberation.  This was a sign to me that all is well and we have help beyond our imagining…

—Annie Elizabeth Porter, author of Affirmations for Everyday Living


By writing this book, Ashalyn has courageously taken on the arduous task of being a channel for information and guidance that can profoundly assist anyone in further awakening, expanding, and understanding their soul’s truth. 

—Deborah Pietsch, producer and host; Shift is Happening TV