Pricing for Options and Additional Services


Promotional Items Package               $275

Includes 500 business cards, 500 postcards for announcing your book to your customer list and friends; 500 bookmarks and 2 full color posters to advertise your speaking event, book signing or information booth.  All items are full-color, featuring your book and how it can be purchased.  Great value!


Hardcover Copy of Your Book
$.020 per page plus $12.50 — Jacket design extra

A wonderful gift for the special people who helped make your book happen.  Hardcover book with cloth cover stamped with your title and author name.  You may also choose a full color “dust jacket” that fully extends around the book with inside flaps that can be designed to be a colorful “Read Me” invitation on a sales bookshelf.


Copyright filing plus Library of Congress Number          $145

See Key Information to learn more about these options.


Bookstore Returns           $75 account deposit

Most bookstores will not stock a book unless it is returnable.  If you plan to approach bookstores to carry your book, or request them to order a quantity prior to a book talk, you will need to provide for the return of unsold books, at your expense.   We can partner with you in this process by holding a $75 Returns Account to cover any expenses incurred.

Other Possible Design and Production Expenses

Complex Table of Contents              $35

You may be charged an additional design fee for a multi-level, specially designed table of contents.

 Manuscript Copy (final printout)            $35

A printed copy of your entire book mailed to you for editing and final proofing.  This is often helpful to authors who prefer to review and provide corrections to a paper document than reviewing and providing corrections electronically.

Index or Glossary                            $.015 / word

Indexing of characters, events and other necessary notations is available for additional charge.

Bibliography, Footnotes or Endnotes                     (request quote)

Special formatting for Bibliography, Footnotes at the bottom of the page, or endnotes at the conclusion of the book may require special formatting.  Fees determined by quantity, style and placement.

Securing Permission to Reprint Copyrighted Material
$75 per text block

You must request permission from the publisher to quote long excerpts from another author’s book, even if you give credit to that person (many books are owned by the publisher, not the author!).  You can do this yourself, or River Sanctuary Publishing can do this for you.  This is a time-consuming process, so allow 3-4 months in advance of when you would like to publish your book.  Many publishing houses charge fees for the privilege of quoting from their works, so expect additional fees of up to $100 per quote.

Revisions/changes after printed proof copy
$50 per cover or interior submission

After a printed copy is received, any revision is subject to a printer’s charge to replace the digital file in their system.  Editing charges will also be accrued at $50 per one hour minimum + $20/half hour increments beyond the initial hour.

Catalog Fees for Full Market Availability
First year complementary; $18/year thereafter

If you elect to have your book activated for full market distribution (i.e., availability to a host of online retailers including,, and many more), River Sanctuary Publishing pays a catalog fee on your behalf for the first year.   Each year thereafter, you will receive a letter from us requesting an payment of $18 to continue your listing in the master digital catalog.