Wild Joy: Ruminations


by Paul Goldman

  • Size: 6 x 9
  • No. Pages: 122
  • Published: 2010
  • ISBN: 978-0-9841140-7-8
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Message from the Author

From a clear deep heart mind I have listened, with both ears! Whether the voice of Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi himself, the Beloved or some other entity of good and holy intent has spoken, that is for others to decide. I have tried to transcribe the ecstatic words which flowed through both my heart and fingertips to the best of my human ability.

I beseech you to let these treatises on wild joy enter the very marrow of your being and dance the juicy essence of you at a quantum level. There is no need to stress, strain or try to interpret precise meaning. Should you be moved, shifted or somehow elevated from your current position, then that is sufficient.

My hope for you is that a word here or a lilt of phrasing there may speak only to you in a way that you have not heard before, maybe an ancient calling to a love, a reckoning of your own divine inheritance, your divinity itself.

I invite you to slip your shoes off and leave the outside world behind as you enter this silent sacred space. All of you is welcome here. You have truly arrived, at home at last.

Welcome beloved one.
In Eternal Gratitude,

Paul Goldman



Paul Goldman is a Spoken Word Recording Artist. His CD Wild Joy Released: The Ecstatic Poetry of Paul Goldman debuted in March, 2010 to rave reviews:

“…a tsunami of the soul is sweeping over humankind, and Paul Goldman, with his Sufistic voice is there, fully in the vanguard, helping to define and shape its Divine message of love, healing and joy.”

Mark Scheel, author of the award-winning collection A Backward View (excerpted from Evolving “A Guide for Conscious Living” April 2010 Volume III Issue 2).

At www.stonespiritlodge.com, you will find more poetry along with information about the mission of Stone Spirit Lodge.

Future volumes of Ecstatic Poetry, including: In Divine Repose, await publication and the next Ecstatic Poetry CD, Rhythms of My Children is to be released by early 2011.To delve deeper into Wild Joy! become a fan on Facebook  at Wild Joy: The Ecstatic Poetry of Paul Goldman.



I opened my heart and found
you comfortably resting inside,
as if you had always been waiting
for the right time when I would
find you.
Had I but known you were here within,
I would have rushed ahead, skipped a few
steps necessary to finally commune
with you.
Surely as nightfall turns to daylight, I have
followed the specific guidance I was given.
Encoded perfectly were the instructions written
in a language that until now would have been
What is important now that I know where to look,
I cannot ever be lost by the finding of you.
Life itself by each very breath shimmers right now
at a magnitude never seen by these eyes, before.
I drink in the morning dew at each remembrance,
sighting and touch of you there within the tom-tom
chamber wall. And I bow to your grace, your presence
with eternal gratitude –
for I opened my heart and found you
comfortably resting inside.
of moments – silken silence
woven together from exquisite
cloth, by unseen hands.
I delight in each of these infinite spaces
as nothing becomes; each molecule
is at rest peaceful.
Images sharpen in the quiet dark,
words leap from the papyrus written
across the ethereal scene.
Understanding envelopes the calm,
the one I was at first entry has changed
upon coming back to breath and this
semblance of time.
A conscious choice to remain longer,
longer here where my soul is enriched,
this place where dreams are reality,
purpose happens naturally.
Life is a meditation of moments – silken
silence woven together…

“A questing soul’s exuberant reconnecting with the beyond and sublime…wrought with an artist’s sensitivity to nature and a lama’s love of moment.”

–Mark Scheel, former prose editor Kansas City Voices Magazine, author of A Backward View: Stories and Poems, recipient of the J. Donald Coffin Memorial Book Award

“Have you danced lately? Really danced? Welcome to the ecstatic world of Paul Goldman’s poetry.”

–Victor Contoski, Professor Emeritus of Creative Writing, The University of Kansas, author of the collections Homecoming and Midwestern Buildings

“[Written] with the freshness of an adolescent’s first love and with the maturity of wisdom in declaring that ‘the bringer of joy unbounded brings deep sorrow,’ these ‘chanted words connect like a string of rosary beads,’ to reveal a new human, Homo Luminous. The wild, holy energy within this book can burst forth only from a ‘man who has lost himself in love,’ such as Rumi and other seers, whose poetry this volume now joins.”

–Vern Barnet, Faiths and Beliefs columnist, The Kansas City Star