How Alternation Can Change Your Life: Finding the Rhythms of Health and Happiness


by Andrew Oser

  • Size: 5.83 x 8.27
  • No. Pages: 194
  • Published: 2010
  • ISBN: 978-0-9841140-3-0


Alternation is the basic rhythm of the natural world. When you embrace the alternation principle and apply it in all areas of your life, you will find a deep sense of peace and happiness. This simple, practical book offers a treasure chest of effective tools to bring healing and balance to your body, mind, and emotions, and into your work and relationships.

Life coach and professional trainer Andrew Oser shares his insights and experience with a key technique for personal empowerment in How Alternation Can Change Your Life. The principle of Alternation is inherent in nature and can be experienced when we tune in to the rhythm of our breathing. This book explores applications of Alternation in the domains of work and activity; relationships; sabbaths, vacations and retreats; communication; physical health and fitness; emotional healing; changing habits; shifting limiting beliefs; tuning in to your inner guidance; and getting in touch with That Which is Always Present. Each chapter includes exercises for applying the ideas and techniques introduced.