Spirit Offerings

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by Annie Elizabeth

  • Size: 5.25 x 8 perfect bound
  • No. Pages: 58
  • Published: 2010
  • ISBN: 978-0-9841140-6-1
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Annie Elizabeth offers her poetry and inspirational messages in this celebratory first collection.

We who are awakened in this time are instruments of the expanding consciousness of our planet.  We bear witness to the pathos inherent in this process of transformation.  Through our hearts’ expression, we record the treasure of this moment that will never be again.

When you give voice to the voice co-creating within you, you are assisting, you are joining in, you are extending that Presence; you add to that vast irrevocable perfection of Being that is now restoring peace to our beloved Earth.

Come, let us play together…


AnnieforSkypeAnnie Elizabeth is co-founder and CEO of River Sanctuary Publishing.  She is the author of Affirmations for Everyday Living.  Annie is ecstatically (but calmly) in love with the chaotic nature of this time of transition as we rediscover our ability to connect with the Truth of Who We Really Are.  May all beings be happy!  May all beings be blessed!

The Pleasure of Home

Speak out
     the dark truth broiling below this
          sometimes tranquil picture
  from across the eons of memory.

Eternal sequence
       of rising falling
   shining to awakening
       then collapsing
  within the next engulfing wave.

Freedom yearns
       to uncover our essence
  heaven’s sweet invitation
       recalls our wanderlust
  returning us to the pleasure of Home.