Return From The Hollow Earth: War of the Inner Worlds


David DiPietro Weiss
with Danny L. Weiss

  • Size: 6 x 9
  • No. Pages: 168
  • Published: 2020
  • ISBN: 978-1-952194-02-3
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Return From the Hollow Earth: War Between the Inner Worlds is the sequel to A Curious Pebble: The Hollow Earth and Pursuit of the Holy Lance, published in 2017. The screenplay of A Curious Pebble was renamed Escape to the Hollow Earth and has won numerous worldwide awards for best new Science Fiction screenplay. (See

The saga continues as Garrett and Gugga invite their parents and daughter, Thora, to visit them in Telos, the subterranean city beneath Mount Shasta where they have resided for nearly 10 years. Thora becomes the central character and new holder of the Holy Lance. From here they return to the surface world only to discover that an alien race of humanoid reptiles have begun to colonize parts of the earth. The Annunaki, also known as shapeshifters and residents of the interior of the planet Venus, are seeking new frontiers due to the rapid life-giving nitrogen depletion of their planet’s interior and the potential demise of their civilization. The inevitable clash between two inner worlds becomes the backdrop of yet another impending global crisis.