And the Earth Spoke: true stories to inspire & awaken


as told by sentient Earth beings to Ashalyn

  • Size: 6" x 9" with B/W photos
  • No. Pages: 298
  • Published: March, 2016
  • ISBN: 978-1-935914-69-3


Faery FallsThere are many different spirits you can communicate with once you’ve learned to access the intuitive abilities, also known as extra sensory perceptions, that lie dormant within you. Everyone has those abilities. Much can be learned from sentient beings which you’ll discover when you read And the Earth Spoke.

A lot of people talk to animals, but how many of you talk to trees, rocks, flowers or fairies? What about the clouds above and the earth below you? Have you spoken with them lately? There’s an infinite amount of opportunities for communicating with sentient spirit beings. Ashalyn’s wonderful offering of poetry and essays in And the Earth Spoke will inspire you to communicate with them! You might be surprised at how easy it is.… Talking to spirits is quite normal – especially in Ashalyn’s world.





Author photoAbout the Author, Ashalyn

I am an unlimited, multidimensional being of light who presently lives in a human body. My home, Mt. Shasta, California, is on Planet Earth in the Milky Way Galaxy and that’s just one of the many planets and galaxies I’ve lived on throughout my existence. I, just like you, am one with all things and am co-creator of what happens to me. My chosen path is to awaken to the multiplicity of self and remember all I once knew. Then I’ll use that knowledge and wisdom to awaken others which will make Earth a more pleasant, loving place that nurtures and honors all sentient beings.

I’ve chosen to do that by being a teacher and channel of intuitive wisdom, a psychic reader, transformational healer, visionary creator, published author, editor, poet, a sacred site tour guide and the owner and creator of Shasta Vortex Adventures. I also give Shamanic Awakening Sessions to people of all ages, worldwide. I thoroughly enjoy my work and am glad to play an integral part in the awakening of mankind. One of my favorite pastimes is enjoying the beauty of nature, which feeds and nourishes me and keeps me in a balanced state of being. I’ve found great pleasure in working within the spiritual energy vortex of Mount Shasta for the past 27 years and enjoy introducing others to the powerful spiritual presence of the mountain and the wonderful beings who live therein.

As a spirit communicator I receive and share messages with those who aren’t yet able to communicate with spirit in that way, for we all have that ability. I touch people’s hearts and help open their minds to possibilities not yet considered, which includes the fact that they’re one with all things. My life is based on the intuitive guidance of my unlimited, multidimensional self who is in alignment with The Dreamer, the Creator of all things, and I teach others to do the same. In doing so you’re able to remember who you are, why you came here, what your life purpose is and much more. Once you understand those things you can help make Earth a better place to live.

 And the Earth Spoke is my third book and I’m already working on my fourth channeled book. The Emerald Tablets for 2012 & Beyond . . . ancient wisdom rewritten for the present-time truth seeker was channeled to me through Thoth the Atlantean and published in September 2011. Adama Discourses . . . walking the light path with intention & purpose was channeled through me by Adama the Telosian and published in June 2015 – all while working full time as a tour guide and managing Shasta Vortex Adventures. In 2004 I published a bi-annual, full-color tabloid called Mountain Spirit Chronicles . . . to educate, entertain & enlighten those exploring the Mount Shasta area. I was also the editor and ad sales person. That pursuit ended in 2013 when my focus turned to writing books. I love to share what I know with others.

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May 29, 1993: I was sitting high atop a cliff above Faery Falls when I heard in my mind, “Tell me tales of times before man came upon this Earth,” and this poem followed.

The Earth on Times Past
by the Spirit of the Earth Mother

Creatures floated through me
hoping to become a part
of this Great Mystery
this great time-to-be.
They left with me their signatures
like blueprints
of what they had to offer me.

Signed, sealed and delivered these blueprints were . . .
like packages in the ethers
bringing joy and excitement to me
of times to come, of things to be.

The joy of those sweet moments
comes to me again and again
as I lie full of life and beaming
proudly displaying what is.

I remember the beginning
the excitement
and the thrill
of placing upon me
God’s great gifts . . .
each it its own perfect state.


September 24, 1993: I was sitting by the creek at lower Panther Meadows which was surrounded by wildflowers and ferns.

Ferns by Creek
by the Ferns

Our tender tendrils
sense it all.
We feel the delicate
and sublime.

Gentle movements
are ours
as the breeze
blows us
this way and that.

Basking in Sun’s
warming rays
we exude
peace and tranquility.

Echoes of time once lost
are held within us
for all to see.

Sit among these
tender tendrils
and you will be
in solitude’s
great harmony.

Wander not through
veils of darkness
wrapped in illusion’s
blistery web.

Come to us
and we’ll quiet
what ails you
ever nurturing
within our green.


September 18, 1993: I was sitting on a rock by the west fork of the Sacramento River, near the forest there. This was the seventh poem I received that beautiful day.

Forest’s Offering
by the Forest

How can life offer
so much for so little?
So much grandeur
peace, solace and delight.

Come sit with me
under this simple tree
and breathe the same air
that is shared
by both of us.

There is much to explore
 oh, such beauty galore.
Everywhere you look
a new surprise.

“I promise” [I said to myself]
“with all my heart

from this joy I will never part
and I’ll share it
with everyone I see.

“For this splendor and harmony
were placed here
for you and me
to enjoy
and be a part of
as we admire
each other’s beauty.”