A Charge-Parity Violation in Five Parts: Transformational Poetry and Art


by Billie Ruth Hopkins Furuichi

Size:  6 x 9  Full Color illustrated
No. Pages:  106
Published:  2022
ISBN: 2370001630208


Poet, artist, song writer, philosopher Billie Ruth Hopkins Furuichi offers her first book of poetry and art since 2012 publication of Illuminating the Mundane: Transformational Silk Painting and Haiku.  Her poetry, at once penetrating, disturbing, transcendent, and enlightening is a journey embracing life, love, and the challenges of personal and universal experience.

About the Author

Billie Ruth Hopkins Furuichi (aka Guille de la Luz Antigua y Lightwing) is a Poet, Songwriter, Silk Artist, and Spanish teacher, who lives in Brookings, Oregon. In 1985 she developed The Transformation Wheel, and has facilitated original workshops in Maui, Moscow, Santa Cruz, Denver, Coeur d’Alene, and Brookings, as Angelita Transformation Training.

She hosts a bilingual storytelling podcast at:


Angelita Transformation Training™ offers integrated arts workshops for middle schoolers, to grandparents, applying theory and practice of spiritual growth, decision making, stress management and critical thinking. The former Youth Support Director for Youth Ambassadors of America from 1986 to 1990, Billie conducted eleven bi-lateral youth summit meetings to the former Soviet Union. In her teens, she sang the folk music circuit throughout Colorado, swinging into jazz in Mexico City where she sang with El Conjunto de Tino Contreres and danced with The Latin Show Ballet and El Ballet de Constanza Hool. As a graduate of University of California, Santa Cruz, in English and Spanish literature, she offers this poetry collection that spans the generations and includes some previously published and performed pieces.

Recently retired from teaching, she is currently working on a graphic novel.


Quantum Light Tracks

Now I remember
How ancient theologians used to fight,
Argue deep into the night about
how many angels could sit on
the head of a pin.

Now I remember
We are products of precious prayers
Sent up through
Generations of Novinos
Flying in the face of reason –
Dancing fantoms through sun beams
Singing us into being.

Now I remember
Flashing thought ‘Be More’
Sweeping up, out, down, through,
Into this dense globe, obsessively
Proclaiming ourselves
Ghost neutrinos, quantum light tracks,
Invisibly demanding
An audience.

Now I remember
I have no right to
Opt out on any of this.