Bridge to Paradise: Art and Poetry (softcover)


Andrew Nazareth and Michele Nazareth

  • Size: 8.5" x 11" premium color
  • No. Pages: 52
  • Published: 2018
  • ISBN: 978-1-935914-83-9


Bridge to Paradise is a compilation of paintings and poetry by Andrew and Michelle Nazareth who are award winning teen artists and siblings who enjoy spreading hope through their art. Through their paintings such as Northern Lights that depicts a symphony of colors and reflects God’s glory, Autumn Cityscape that illustrates fall’s golden hue on city buildings, and Human Light that reminds us of the light that glows within us, the book touches on themes that relate to readers of all ages. Andrew and Michelle prefer using oils, watercolors and pencil as media for their art and the themes of their paintings include seasonal landscapes, sci-fi, portraits, and abstract material. As anaphylactic allergy sufferers to peanut and other nuts, they feel fortunate for the treatment they received to desensitize them. As their way of paying it forward, Andrew and Michelle donate prints of their art to medical clinics, hold exhibitions in public spaces and use prints of their paintings for fund raisers and thank you cards, in their mission to allow their art to bring a smile to people’s faces.

Wavelets Under a Blazing Sun – Andrew
Ducks in the Wind – Michelle
Autumn Cityscape – Andrew
Human Light – Michelle
Birches in the Woods – Andrew
Venezia! – Michelle
JFK – Andrew
Starry Night – Michelle
Geometrical Vases – Andrew
Rocks in the Sea – Michelle
Sails – Michelle
Trees by a Stream – Andrew
imagination – Michelle
Fury – Andrew
Flowers in a Vase – Michelle
Italian Village – Andrew
Strung on a String – Michelle
Cherry Blossoms – Andrew
Bridge to Paradise – Michelle
Flight of the Hummingbird – Michelle
Northern Lights – Andrew and Michelle
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