The Blue

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A novel by William Sun

  • Size: 6 x 9 perfect bound
  • No. Pages: 310 p.
  • Published: 2013
  • ISBN: 978-1-935914-31-0
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Dive into  THE BLUE

...for an unforgettable journey of intrigue, adventure, and romance.

Sheryl Jansen is a clerk in the Intelligence Division of the American Embassy in Athens, Greece. Just as she discovers that Kostas, her Greek boyfriend, is not the loyal lover she thought he was, she encounters Andre Bell, a San Francisco-based architect and self-help junkie, vacationing on a remote Greek island. Together they make a startling discovery beneath the boyfriend’s villa which connects them profoundly and unpredictably. Sheryl’s magical relationship with water becomes even more compelling when pictures of her distant past emerge into her awareness. As events conspire to keep Andre and Sheryl apart, larger movements in the firmament propel them toward each other like two ancient stars on a predestined collision course.



About the Author

William Sun (aka “Climbing Sun”) is a world traveler, engineer, teacher and poet who resides in Boca Raton, Florida.  The Blue is his first novel.  His other works published by River Sanctuary Publishing are:

Parables and Myths: Poetry (2017)
Sundances: Prose Poems (2017)


Andre’s High

At least once in every life, a day dawns with a realization that despite your up-bringing, despite your foibles, you stumble onto the nature of the heavenly realm. You know it from the little things. Your morning orange juice bursts with the intensity of the tropical grove from which it sprang. The sun slanting through the lingering mist surely leapt off Seurat’s brush only moments ago. And who is this god looking back at you from the mirror?

Andre is on fire, but not with the ruthless blaze that dwarfs the light hidden within the soul, ultimately to consume it along with any shred of guarded self worth. “This is the real deal, the real Andre,” he says out loud, emerging from the tunnel and getting that first breathtaking glimpse of the towers of the Golden Gate. He draws a long breath. The superstructure of the bridge, the cars in front, the tree-studded far shore—all of this earthly embellishment moves into and through him. Like divine wind.

The phone call from Sheryl was not the product of his imagination. It really happened. Okay. It’s not happening right now, so…so what! “Give it up you tight-ass!” He actually yells at himself! Wow! In that instant, Andre has to admit that he is tired of his own rhetoric. Why not just simply be—and stop this incessant analysis. Last time you looked, you were an architect, not a shrink, for Chrissakes.

They were on the phone for over an hour, making plans, rejecting them. Neither of them cared. They are in love and in touch. The loose ends of Kostas and company seem insignificant. They considered everything. Sheryl quitting the Embassy and jetting to him—tomorrow. Andre sneaking off to the Bahamas in a private boat for a beach-time reunion. Or both of them, waiting out the capture and confessions of the Greek fugitives—finally clearing Andre of the ridiculous suspicions Frank continues to entertain—and a reunion in Santorini.

They decided to give it three weeks and then take action. They talked honestly about the pitfalls of long-distance relationships. They vowed this one would be short and that they would check in every other day. It sounded perfect. Solid. Each even spoke about their bond as if it had its own life. As if it had never not been.

But Sheryl, given her track record of failed liaisons should know that love is unpredictable. And Andre, given his experience with abrupt changes of the climate in his clients’ minds, should know that nothing in this world is solid even if it actually appears to be happening.

And right now pulling into the parking garage below his office, all Andre sees is he and Sheryl swimming side by side in the stunning sea off Santorini—or Eleuthra—not the man in the dark sedan who’s pulled in behind him, parking a few spaces away.