Adama Discourses: Walking the Light Path With Intention and Purpose


by Ashalyn & Thoth the Atlantean

  • Size: 6 x 9
  • No. Pages: 226
  • Published: 2015
  • ISBN: 978-1-935914-45-7


Adama Discourses takes you on empowering exploratory journeys into the world of spirit and all possibility, so you can learn more about yourself and the world around you. Adama shares his actual experiences from previous lifetimes and teaches you to use your intuitive skills so you can commune with your intuitive self and find the truth within. With those skills you’ll go on guided meditations to experience the oneness of all things, receive healings, and visit Telosian temples and other high frequency places so you can raise your vibrational frequency, expand your conscious awareness and remember truths once forgotten.

You’ll learn about the rise and fall of ancient Lemuria, where Adama once lived, and that their ancestors now live in the city of Telos underneath Mount Shasta. That’s where Adama lives now. In Adama Discourses the Telosians remind you to live in a loving, peaceful way that respects the earth and all sentient beings, for you have much to share with each other. The Telosians also want you to know that peace comes through loving interactions and getting to know each other. They want you to do what you love and be creative, fun-loving people who value the life you’ve been given.

Adama also talks about Telosian truths, how to commune with beings from other planets, the crystalline matrices, what it means to “take the bullet train to oneness,” how to discern who’s walking the light path and who’s walking the dark path, and much more. Each chapter has things of interest for both beginning and long-time spiritual seekers who want to know more about who they are and why they are here. The world has a lot to offer you, so open your heart and your mind in order to find your highest truth. Your actions of today affect the future, so consciously create what you want for yourself and the world. You are intelligent, creative beings of light, presently in human form, who are able do much more than you know.

Adama has a great love for humanity and wants you to become the wonderful individuals who know who you are, where you’re going, and what your life’s work is. Adama Discourses can help you answer those questions, and it will remind you to ask spirit to help you in that process. You truly are never alone. When you understand what it means to be “one with all things,” you’ll also become aware that what you do to one, you do to another. So be kind to each other and work together toward common causes for there is much that needs to be done to create balance on Earth again.

May peaceful relations return to Earth, along with the desire to help all those in need. As caretakers of this planet, there is much you can do once you set your mind to it and involve spirit in your plans. May Adama Discourses inspire you to do that for the entire world, not just your own neighborhood. Your assistance is needed now. Your expertise is required. Let your open heart direct you and guide you to people of like mind. The call has been made. What will your answer be? Your children’s children are awaiting that answer. Will they inherit the beautiful, peaceful world they deserve, or not? The answer is in your hands, so contemplate what part you play in the re-creation process and start work now. Creating wonderful things is quite rewarding.


Ashalyn for website

Ashalyn has lived in Mt. Shasta, California since 1988. She owns Shasta Vortex Adventures and offers Mount Shasta Sacred Site Tours, Guided Vision Quests and Shamanic Awakenings to spiritual seekers worldwide. She is the author of two books, an intuitive skills teacher, workshop leader, tour guide, and a psychic healer and reader. She’s been channeling since 1980 when she took her first channeling class, so speaking with spirit is very natural for her. Her first channeled book was The Emerald Tablets for 2012 & Beyond with Thoth the Atlantean.

Ashalyn and Adama have worked together since 2005 when he came into her meditation and asked her to bring people to Telos during the guided meditations she leads on her tours, and she’s been doing that ever since. She’s now compiling the channeled poems and stories that were given to her by the nature spirits, which will be her third book. Self-awakening, transformational healing and empowering others to enthusiastically express their divine purpose is her life purpose.

Ashalyn encourages people to live as if the new Golden Age was already happening. Plant the seeds, build beautiful things, create loving, supportive relationships and work together to root your dreams into this physical reality for that’s what many of you came here to do.

Fifty percent of the profits from “Adama Discourses” will be donated by Ashalyn to help build a health resort in Mt. Shasta, which is her life’s work. To learn more about that project, visit her Shasta Vortex web site.

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Let me, Adama the Telosian, guide you on an empowering exploratory journey into the world of Spirit and all possibility.  Everything in this book is true, for you deserve nothing less.  Learn to connect with your intuitive to find the truth inside of you.  Go on guided meditations where you will experience the oneness of all things, visit Telosian Temples and places you’ve never imagined.  Learn about the rise and fall of ancient Lemuria, whose ancestors now live beneath Mount Shasta in the city of Telos.  The Telosians will share ideas on peaceful living and how to create change in a loving, joyful way. 

Since today’s actions create what happens next, I invite you to consciously expand your awareness, walk peacefully upon the earth, and love unconditionally as you create the world of your dreams, right here on Earth.  Act now:  embrace truth, and ask Spirit to assist you every step of the way.

When I look into your heart, I, Adama the Telosian, see many things, from dissatisfaction with life to a blissful reunion with All That Is. That inspired me to write Adama Discourses which is about walking the light path with intention & purpose. I want to encourage you to do what uplifts and informs you, and encourage you to look at life through eyes that seek only truth.


Ashalyn’s expertise never ceases to amaze me.  This is one of her best creations.  She and Adama have partnered to bring forth information that is both incredibly expansive and extremely practical.  This book will make a profound difference in the lives of all those fortunate enough to read it.

—Andrew Oser, life coach and tour guide for Shasta Vortex, Mount Shasta, CA, author of How Alternation Can Change Your Life: Finding the Rhythms of Health and Happiness.


When I opened this book I received such a download of love that my heart chakra opened up like a lotus flower.  I felt the deep love Adama and Ashalyn have to share with us in this book.  Each chapter is full of great information for those on their spiritual journey of awakening and remembering.

—Robin Alexis, mystic and host of Mystic Radio, LIVE from Mount Shasta


I was sitting at the kitchen table proofreading the book when suddenly I knew “they” were there–Adama, with other Telosians, checking me out and showing me their loving world.  Thank you, Ashalyn, for introducing these extraordinary beings!

—Annie Elizabeth Porter, author and CEO of River Sanctuary Publishing