Please Note: This service is only available at time of set-up of your book. 
Since this option is best used for the announcement of the book’s publication, it must be selected during the pre-production phase prior to publication.

Ingram Advance is a monthly print catalog that that Ingram Book Group distributes to booksellers and libraries around the world. Titles are eligible to be included in Ingram Advance only once, when they are first released through our printing partner.

With this marketing opportunity, Ingram will produce a short paragraph describing the title. Retail pricing information, and a black & white cover image will also be included. We as your publisher can only request that a title be advertised in Ingram Advance at the time a title is submitted to our printing partner.

Titles submitted to Ingram Advance will not appear in the catalog until 3-4 months after the title has been approved to print. The three to four month lead-time is attributed to the lead-time necessary for print production processing of the catalog.

By listing your publication in the Ingram Advance Catalog, you are announcing your new book to the people who are most interested in buying it. A listing includes all relevant ordering information, your cover image, and your annotation as supplied by you during pre-production stage and as edited by Ingram according to space restrictions.

Usually, the full extent of the listing covers about 1/10th of a full page in the Advance magazine (approximately 3.5″ x 1.25″) The listing is in black/white and is organized alphabetically within genre categories.

Please Note: This is a popular option for new Authors (worldwide) so due to popularity of this option combined with limited catalog space, it is not unusual for the Ingram listing to appear up to 4-6 months following the publication of your book. You will receive a PDF file “page scan” of the page featuring your book via email when the issue containing your listing is published and distributed.

The Ingram Advance Option becomes non-refundable once purchased.