Science, Spirituality, and Medicine


Len Saputo, MD

  • Size: 5" x 8"
  • No. Pages: 46
  • Published: 2016
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Fifty years of medical practice has led Dr. Len Saputo to the conclusion that there is an intricate organization and incredible perfection in the universe that is mind-boggling, especially when it comes to illness. The more he contemplated the workings of the universe in health and disease, the more he became impressed with how every aspect of a person’s “dance with illness” unfolds in a way that reveals meaning and value. “I have observed so many instances where my patient’s illness has had an impact beyond its associated physical disabilities and psychological challenges that I’ve come to expect therefore is always a deeper meaning that is an integral part of illness. Now I look for this hidden significance whenever I’m working with my patients, or for that matter, in everything that happens in my world.”

A fascinating sojourn into the mind and research of a man who has learned and practices a complementary approach to medicine in order to address the causes of illness, rather than simply masking the symptoms.

You will enjoy Len’s cogent perspective offered in this SoulTalk booklet, including:

  • The Role of Spirituality in Healing
  • Organization and Perfection Beyond our Soul
  • Science and the Secrets of the Universe
  • Should We Trust Science?
  • Greed and Pride Trump Ethics
  • Life is for Living
  • What About Spirituality?
  • Medicine as an Art
  • Making Sense of Illness
  • Lessons Learned From Illness
  • The Boundaries of Human Potential
  • Where Do We Go From Here?