Remember: You Are the One Who Knows


channeled to Ashalyn from Maitreya

Size:  6 x 9
No. Pages:  210
Published:  2022
ISBN: 2370001616042


Your value is far greater than you think. I, Maitreya, have come here to help you remember your true self, explore possibilities, gladly walk through open doors, and learn to leave fear and disbelief behind.

Your unlimited, multi-dimensional self now lives in human form. That is only one of the many forms you’ve experienced and gained knowledge from throughout your long existence. There were times when you were timeless, even formless; and that timeless-formless you has always been, and always will be.

I would be honored to assist you in discovering the never-ending story of you, as you remember what you came here to accomplish.

About the Author

Ashalyn has been walking with one foot in both worlds since the mid-1970s when she entered a 1-year Clairvoyant Training Program and took every class they had there. She learned how to channel with the Ascended Masters in 1980, and still receives their messages to this day. The Christian beliefs she grew up with seemed far too limiting, so she replaced them with the expansive metaphysical concepts that had become so dear to her heart. In 1989 she moved her family to Mt. Shasta, CA where she has lived for 33 years, at the foot of sacred Mount Shasta. She became a Certified Hypnotherapist in 1998 and began guiding Mt. Shasta Sacred Site Tours, which turned into Shasta Vortex Adventures in 2003. Ashalyn and her tour guides continue to share the expertise they’ve gained throughout the years while exploring Mount Shasta’s sacred power spots and learning to use them as places of awakening and healing for tourists worldwide. Her Shamanic Awakening Sessions help people realign with their personal power, get beyond fear, commune with their intuitive self, and remember their life purpose. To learn more about their work visit:

Ashalyn published four channeled spiritual growth and awareness books since 2011. Remember: You Are the One Who Knows is the fourth one. The first was: The Emerald Tablets for 2012 & Beyond from Thoth the Atlantean; then Adama Discourses: walking the light path with intention & purpose by Adama the Telosian. And the Earth Spoke: true stories to inspire & awaken was the third book, which is a collection of poems and stories Ashalyn received from the nature spirits and other sentient Earth beings over a 25-year period. Then Horlet, The Dweller who lived in ancient Atlantis channeled The Emerald Tablets Cards of Destiny. To learn more and to order her books visit:

“My dedication to reminding people who they truly are
and helping them fully embrace the truths Maitreya shared in this book
feels as if it has been permanently embedded in the depth of my soul
where it will remain, from now until forever.”
~ Ashalyn ~

Table of Contents

Chapter One: Are You Ready to Explore?
Chapter Two: Intuitive Skills 101
Chapter Three: The Joy Within
Chapter Four: The Journey Within
Chapter Five: Your Ancestors Footsteps
Chapter Six: You, Me & the Stars Above
Chapter Seven: Thoughts Create
Chapter Eight: Paradise on Earth
Chapter Nine: Discernment is Key
Chapter Ten: Help from Beyond
Chapter Eleven: Earth Reveals Her Truths
Chapter Twelve: What’s Inside of You
Chapter Thirteen: Who Are You?
Chapter Fourteen: I Love You as You Are
Chapter Fifteen: Superstitious Thought
Chapter Sixteen: The Creator Within
Chapter Seventeen: Your Multidimensional Self
Chapter Eighteen: The Light/Dark Issue
Chapter Nineteeen: Your Brother’s Keeper
Chapter Twenty: God Is Alive
Chapter Twenty One: A Place in My Heart
Chapter Twenty Two: When Hearts Meet
Chapter Twenty Three: The Peace Within
Chapter Twenty Four: Your Radiant Self
Chapter Twenty Five: The Prison of Your Mind
Chapter Twenty Six: The Cycles of Life
Chapter Twenty Seven: Your Wholeness
Chapter Twenty Eight: The Wrap-Up
Maitraya’s Send Off
About Ashalyn