A Goddess Coloring Book: Art Honoring the Divine Feminine


by Melanie Gendron

Size:  8.5 x 11  with 30 coloring pages
No. Pages:  80
Published:  2022
ISBN: 2370001681507


Call of the Goddess

I Am that which emanates all manner of life,
moon, dancing stars, abundant earth,
ocean’s depth to match my heart.
I pierce the void and multiply variety innumerable.
I am love without condition for I am all that is.
Every act of love celebrates my spirit.
I am guidance, sanctuary, your highest Self;
I am the way Home.
Hear my call and come to me for
we’ve been separated only in dreams.

The Goddess is the universal Womb of Becoming, the omniscient Great Cosmic Mother, the Creatrix of all things, God the Mother, the Divine Feminine Principal. She is both primordial and eternal, forming and reforming materiality through the three gunas: tamas (darkness), rajas (activity), and sattva (beingness). She incubates Life, creating all manner of manifestation, in all cycles of Being.

The characteristics of the Divine Feminine are part of each and every one of us. We are infinitely capable of embodying Mother Divine’s qualities of compassion, sustenance and unconditional love. Male or female, balancing yin (female energy) and yang (male energy) helps generate a grounded person with their whole brain functioning.

This Goddess Coloring Book is a form of active prayer that each one of us be graced by Goddess with happiness and personal fulfillment. As we consider the goddess in the drawing, we embody aspects of her energy by focusing our attention.

Coloring is a form of stress release. A creative enterprise that produces result is satisfying as it elicits a good feeling and a sense of accomplishment. I welcome you to indulge your creative play as you color these images. The best coloring tools for these images are colored pencil, gel pens, and media that is not water soluble. Water media may buckle the paper. I recommend placing a piece of card stock behind the coloring page. Enjoy!

Melanie Gendron

Thank you . . .
Dearly beloved Cassandra, for the honor of being your mother, and for your indomitable Spirit, your beauty, creativity, outrageous humor, and the love we shared throughout your life and beyond. You were and continue to be in spirit a valued daughter, friend, treasured model, and inspirational muse.
Annie Elizabeth, for encouragement and treasured friendship. The Goddess Coloring Book was your request and inspiration. You help me believe in my Self.





About the Author

About the Author and Her Art

Living artfully, with integrity, guides my life.
I seek to express Truth in personal vision,
to communicate honestly with consideration,
committed to excellence in all endeavor.
I choose to be authentic.
—Melanie Gendron

Born in Boston, MA, Melanie attended The School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston in affiliation
with Tufts University, majoring in sculpture and painting. Studies in photography, print making, fashion design and computer arts further rounded out her curriculum.

She has developed a unique style rich in symbolism inspired by many cultures. Proficient in a variety of media, Melanie enjoys a renaissance attitude, creating with inspiration her authentic expression of Spirit. Melanie’s prize winning artwork is widely exhibited and represented in numerous collections, both public and private.

Among her publications are A Goddess Journal, Making The Connection, The Gendron Tarot Deck, The Gendron Tarot Book, This Fool’s Journey Through Tarot’s Major Arcana and Dreaming The Light. A multimedia professional artist, Melanie has served as: animator, art director, author, book designer, fashion designer, graphic artist, illustrator, intuitive counselor, poet, painter, portraitist, teacher and metaphysician.

Years of meditation practice in the TM Sidhis technique, along with immersion in spiritual exploration affected an expansion of conscious awareness and affinity with creative intelligence. The study of Kabbala and Tarot provided an engrossing map for the visual expression of spiritual principles.

The Goddess artworks in The Goddess Coloring Book are a collection of drawings created over the years, many inspired by her daughter, Cassandra.

Melanie currently manages Gendron Studios in the Santa Cruz Mountains of California, offering fine and commercial art, tarot products and services.

Reproductions of the art in this book are available at www.riversanctuarypublishing.com,
Email:  melaniegendron999@gmail.com

Address:  Gendron Studios, PO Box 1438, Felton, CA 95018.

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