The Water Beat Book


by Stephen Snyder and Gwynne Snyder Cropsey (ZunZun)

  • Size: 8 x 10 Full Color
  • No. Pages: 46
  • Published: 2017
  • ISBN: 2370000570468


waterfallGames, movements, stories, songs, pictures, rhymes, celebrating our connection to water

Based on music and activities created by ZunZunzunzun.

This is a book that celebrates water and how it moves within us, and all around us. How it swirls, jumps, splashes rises and falls. How we use it, protect it and live within it.

To help you create these movements, we have created songs and videos that you can access on our website:

egretWe have also created a rhythmic soundtrack “thewaterbeatsong” that you can use for all of the activities, or just as music to enjoy for anything you do. There is a 5-minute and a 15-minute version. You can even create your own water movement sequences. Get creative! There is no right or wrong way to do any of the movements and activities in this book!

Water Is Everywhere
Water is everywhere!
Point to anything, and it is there.
Teacher, shoe, guitar and hair.
Water is everywhere!
Try and find something that does not have water in it.
Is there anything?

You Are A Water Expert

This book is a celebration of you. You are more than half water, just like planet earth.

You are a water person. You are a water expert.bathrub

Each beat of your heart sends mostly water throughout your body. Boom boom flow, boom boom flow, from side to side, and head to toe. That heartbeat was with you since the beginning of your life in the belly of your mother.

You are filled with the rhythms and movements of water. Water music. This music is all around you as well, in the wind that blows your hair, in the mist that touches your skin, and the crashing waves that you feel in the soles of your feet.Listen more closely and you can hear these water sounds in you as well. You are waves and waterfalls!

We are born from it, are part of it, made of it.

You have a whale song in you… so sing!

Water can carve through rock—you have  that strength of water within you. Be Strong!

You need to move like water needs to run. So Move!


ZunZunStephen and Gwynne

Stephen Snyder has been active in environmental education since 1984. In 1987 he received a BA in Environmental Studies from the University of California Santa Barbara. In 1994 he received his MA in Education from the University of California Santa Cruz. Beginning in 1996 with his wife Gwynne, he formed the group ZunZun as a way to combine music and movement to celebrate the cultures and environments of the Americas.
Since then they have performed all over the world and their music has been seen and heard on television, movies and the radio. In 2014 Stephen and Gwynne decided to create The Water Beat as a means to emphasize their work in water education and find ways to expand their efforts out of their local area and make it accessible to interested people all over the world.

Gwynne Snyder-Cropsey has worked performing and teaching through music and movement since 1992. She began teaching as an instructor of music at UC Santa Cruz for their Latin American music ensemble, and has toured performing music through 14 countries of the Americas. In 1996 she and her husband Stephen formed ZunZun, and began using music from the Americas to teach about environmental topics in an interactive way.
Every year ZunZun sees over 100,000 students, educators and members of the general public during the fun, multi-disciplinary performances.