Co-Creating Prayerful Living


by Bobbie Spivey

a Living As Prayer™ handbook

  • Size: 5.5 x 8.5
  • No. Pages: 42
  • Published: 2018
  • ISBN: 2370000451668 available publisher direct


Author Bobbie Spivey tells the story of her frustrating early years of motherhood and her discovery of Unity and New Thought teachings that changed her life in profound ways.  The best guidance is often the most simple:  “Begin with today. Make this the best day. And tomorrow, make it the best day, too. You can’t do anything about yesterday. You can’t change it. You can only live each day being the best you can be.”  Spivey encourages us to discover, “Your Angels will appear when you need them.  This is a Truth Statement.  You can depend on it – bet your whole world on it.  And this is true, even if you haven’t lived an exemplary life.” This little booklet guides us to wake up and expect wondrous happenings in our day, and then watch to see what Love brings into our life.

“I  remind myself that there is no place that God cannot be – and then I go looking for God. I seek out the tiny pieces of goodness / God-ness and when I find that spark of Light, I envision it growing and shining and beaming its goodness out into the darkness where it happens to be hidden.”  Bobbie has learned to pay attention to the little things, like the delight she finds in cloud formations like those shared in this booklet.  “I am happier to recognize that all the world is alive around me – and that I am an integral part of this wonderful thing called Life.”

Each one of us is part of the WHOLE, and our thoughts have an impact on everyone and everything around us. We have the ability to drop in our Heart space and offer prayers of encouragement and healing to others and for our world.  We can practice radiating Peace and God’s goodness.