The Golden Thread: A Manifesto on the Art of Contemporary Mythmaking


by Ron Lampi

“The Lamp” SOUL TALK 4
Size:  5.25″ x 8″
No. Pages:  52
Published:  2022
ISBN:  2370000854759


The Golden Thread is an early work of Ron Lampi that was first printed in a limited edition in 1979 but only now is officially published. It is a short work of 47 pages. It is written in an intensely vibrant, semi-narrative style of poetic prose, and is subtitled A Manifesto on the Art of Contemporary Mythmaking. In this work especially, Ron began his lifelong commitment of rediscovering and reviving myth and mythmaking for the contemporary world. Today, he uses the original Greek ‘Mythos’ and ‘Mythos-making.’ But the inspiration and intention of The Golden Thread remains a milestone along the way of his life Vision. As a poetic prose work, it is a classic.



About the Author

Ron Lampi is a visionary New Age philosopher-poet, writer, and astrologer. Over the years, he has lectured on various subjects, and has been a facilitator of discussion groups. His published works thus far are only the beginning of the many manuscripts he has yet to publish. The massive project The Mythos is already composed of a number of books. He has lived in Santa Cruz, California, at The Edge, for over 40 years.

A self-taught poet/artist, he draws upon his life experience to reflect on the virtues and struggles of everyday life.



What joy should be ours on this dawn of multidimensional being! What joy beyond sanity!

But can we alone fulfill its promise? We who are so often the confused creatures who know not which way to turn? Today, multidimensional being is surely becoming the situation we are living in, but we still experience it as fragmentation and chaos. Who will then guide us? Who can make sense of it all? And who will defend our polycentricity, the many, “fragmented” modes of our being, against monocentric Technos and Its technics? “Who,” it seems, must be a plurality of whos in order that our plurality be respected. Or, should we say, in order that their plurality be respected? Indeed, they—the other Gods, Goddesses, daimons, demiurges, divine spirits—are the unacknowledged Powers behind our polycentricity. Our lack of respect creates havoc for us; the Western mind has long suppressed them, even as they continue to struggle over us. And so, monocentric Ego, or Intellect, unable to deceive us any longer, cries, “fragmentation.”

How are we to know and respect them? Initially, we must become conscious of our own many-mindedness, and thereby become polyphrenics. Polyphrenia, as we define it, is not the mere fact of fragmentation, disorder, and confusion. No! It is already a step through it and beyond it. It is a conscious sensitivity to, recognition and development of, our many minds, our “fragmented self,” and our being on the numinous tracks of its origins—the divinities. Polyphrenia is the continuing process of consciously allowing the divinities to speak through us. It is the learning to live in many dimensions—the multidimensional.

To be of many minds is considered mad, but polyphrenia is a madness divine and a madness with a method divine—the Golden Thread. And we who are polyphrenics have just discovered again the Golden Thread, the other logos (Mythos) whose tongue is of Fire, whose logic is infinitely more intricate and satisfying than that Logos which has heretofore so dominated the West. The Golden Thread is our being in the possession of an art that is able to reveal to us the divine significance in all things.

It is by our turning to the Dark that the divinities come to reveal themselves. They reveal themselves, in that experience of the numinosity of their Golden Light, as actually living through us. To make the word of myth, which is the Mythos, the Word of Divinity itself, is to spin a Thread from that Light, a Thread that tells a Story. From the Golden Light of the divinities, we spin Golden Thread, the continuing Story interconnecting all their stories, which, indeed, are the stories of our own many modes of being. If, between our sensitive, shaping fingers, we are holding the Thread, we are able then to meaningfully follow out and provide form to the most convoluted twists and oblique turns in the dark maze, that Labyrinth, of our lives. Again, we would have ways to see and touch and listen, to dance and sing and open the heart, to cherish silence, to fulfill desire. Again, we would have our stories, divine stories, to tell.

The Golden Thread glows in the Labyrinth, and will glow all the more brightly, as we allow the divinities to speak. And as we look around us, we soon begin to see that in the process of spinning it, the Golden Thread itself is nothing other than the radiance of life renewed.

The dawn of multidimensional being is a Golden dawn