Affirmations for Everyday Living: Create More Clarity, Joy and Success in Your Daily Life

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by Annie Elizabeth Porter

  • Size: 6 x 9 perfect bound
  • No. Pages: 242
  • Published: 2010
  • ISBN: 978-0-9841140-1-6


Free your mind from conditioned thinking through this simple, yet powerful technique of affirmations and watch your desires manifest into your everyday reality!

Annie Elizabeth interprets the wisdom of contemporary and classical spiritual teachers to offer affirmations that address common life situations, goals and challenges. She is an intuitive counselor, author, pranic healer, and co-creator of River Sanctuary Publishing.

Are you ready for a breakthrough on your path to greater creativity, freedom and joy? Affirmations for Everyday Living includes simple instructions for improving your life through affirmations. The statements in this book are powerful when contemplated upon or spoken aloud. You can simplify, modify, or expand upon them to meet a particular situation or desire, or to help others who are struggling. Affirmations spoken on behalf of others invoke deeply healing results, even if the recipients are not aware of your action. Thought-provoking “interludes” and commentary by Annie Elizabeth provide uplifting guidance throughout the text.

Whether you are an advanced student of your mind, or a beginner on the road to self-mastery, Affirmations for Everyday Living harnesses your power of intention and opens you to experience deeper communication with your inner self. You will gain new ability to:

  • Release negativity and judgmental thoughts

  • Undo deeply ingrained mental habits of stress and worry

  • Overcome health issues and have more energy and vitality

  • Experience more balance and flow in your home and work arenas

  • Become more loving in your relationships

  • Help friends and family members facing issues and challenges

As you consciously take action to break free from the mental habits of stress and worry, think and behave with more trust toward yourself and others, it is a certainty that the quality of your life will improve. Even more powerful is that working with Affirmations for Everyday Living deepens your connection with your spiritual source. Through this process, you free yourself of thinking that binds you to the past and the future, heightening your ability to live in the Present Moment (the NOW), which is where ego evaporates and your deepest inner peace resides.