The New Age Vision


by Ron Lampi

Size:  6 x 9
No. Pages:  378
Published:  2021
ISBN:  978-1-952194-13-9


The New Age Vision is a “soft” philosophical exploration that addresses this question: What is the meaning of the new Aquarian Age? It is bold in its visionary approach of tackling directly major New Age themes. Ron first answers all the objections that people might have had about the New Age. Not content with abstract generalities, he then takes on the themes of Postmodernity, World Ages, Spirit, soul, Higher Self, psychospiritual evolution, Psyche, Technos, Gaia, Other Intelligence, the astral-psychic, Mythos, head-on, so that the reader comes away with some understanding of what the new Aquarian Age is about. Overall, Ron “The Lamp” Lampi tells a preliminary new Story of us. It is a challenging book, filled with its own questions. A number of his poems are also included in this master work now finally released.

A New Age Prayer

Psyche, Spirit of Higher Self,
allow me to fulfill what I am called to do
in this life,
help me to see my place in the Whole,
and reveal to those of us prepared
the Vision of our working together
for the good of all
on this,
our so very precious Earth.

June 2005

About the Author

Ron Lampi is a visionary New Age philosopher-poet, writer, and astrologer. Over the years, he has lectured on various subjects, and has been a facilitator of discussion groups. His published works thus far are only the beginning of the many manuscripts he has yet to publish. The massive project The Mythos is already composed of a number of books. He has lived in Santa Cruz, California, at The Edge, for over 40 years.

A self-taught poet/artist, he draws upon his life experience to reflect on the virtues and struggles of everyday life.


The New Age I Sing

The New Age I sing, Advent of the Aquarian—
I sing of today’s Mythos emerging, the new Word
of a new Divinity, Revelation of Psyche Divine.

For Ear & Eye, a Melody & Vision were granted me—
Now the words I weave, articulation & fulfillment
of one Voice, one Tongue, a life that gave birth
to Song.

Will I give witness to one Power alone?
I sing to give witness to all Powers—
All Gods & Goddesses of all times & places,
whatever, whomever they might be,
all entities nonhuman & cosmic Intelligences
of all orders of Being,
all revealing themselves through the Opening
I sing
And not one people alone do I sing of,
but all peoples & nations—
I sing of this Earth, and of all creatures
& persons travelling with us upon this Earth.

I sing the next chapter in the adventure of soul,
an illumination gifted to me by Spirit,
its Web connected of all orders of Being,
now presenting its Revelation—
the coming among us of Psyche Divine.

I sing the correspondences
of Above & Below.