River Sanctuary Publishing is proud to offer book development services to new and aspiring writers as well as experienced authors. We are a Santa Cruz County digital publishing firm whose specialty is working hand-in-hand with our clients.

Your hosts and publishers, Annie Elizabeth Porter and David DiPietro Weiss, are ready to assure your complete satisfaction through the myriad of services offered to publish your dream project. Our personal service, professional layout and beautifully custom-designed covers is complimented by low printing costs. We all have a story to tell … Let us help you share it with the world! Namaste! D & E

Visit us at: www.riversanctuarypublishing.com, or call (831) 335-7283

Why is NOW a great time to publish my book?

Annie: You’ve probably been watching and waiting as you pondered releasing your book. The energies of 2012 are very favorable for expanding into our true selves. Each of us has something to contribute to a new way of being in the world, whether from your talent, your creativity, or the lessons of your journey that may help others. Your light and your love is needed right now.

David: It’s easier than ever before to create your work as a beautiful printed book or e-book. With print-on-demand (POD) digital printing your book can be set up and made available to you and your customers at a surprisingly low cost. You no longer need to order a thousand books and pay to have them compost in your closet. Now you can order, print and ship books one-at-a-time or as many as you choose as you need them!

How will customers buy my book?

Annie: If you are a therapist, teacher or healer, your book will sell itself as your clients seek to experience you more deeply. Placing copies of your book at strategic places around town is better than any business card for drawing people to your work.

David: The RSP website includes a dedicated page on every book with images and a description of the book and author, so it is a great place to sell your book. Our fulfillment services print and ship the books directly to your customers. Local bookstores and gift shops will often sell your book on consignment. If you elect full distribution, your book will be available for sale with amazon.com and other online retailers (this may or may not be a good idea…see next month Part 2).

How does RSP choose projects for publication?

Annie: RSP enjoys helping authors whose work contributes to the expansion of consciousness in this time of evolutionary shift.

David: To have your project considered for publication with us, we conduct a PAR (Publication Readiness Assessment) for $100, providing feedback to you in key areas. This is credited toward production of your book with RSP.

How long does this process take and how much does it cost?

David: Typically, a book proof can be delivered to you within a 4 – 5 week span. This includes designing an original color cover, spine and back cover for your book.

Annie: The development and printing costs vary according to the number of pages, size of the book, number and type of images, and editing required. Typical design costs for a 200 page ready-to-go paperback book are from $500 to $750. Examine our website www.riversanctuarypublishing.com for the full range of our services.