A Twelve-Day Winter Sacred Ceremonial


Annie Elizabeth Porter

We align ourselves and invite an experience of the deeper levels of meaning present, but often overlooked, in this Holy Time of the year.

  • Size: 8 x 10
  • No. Pages: 64
  • Published: 2017


LittleTreeThe advent of the Solstice, Christmas, and the New Year holidays has the potential to invoke an experience of reverence and expectation, of deep joy and peace. I have always been aware of an unharnessed potential in this time to focus us and catapult us to a new level of recognition of our true Divine nature. A message arose from within me, and through tuning in to that message over a period of several years, this Twelve-Day Sacred Ceremonial was born.

The winter Solstice invites a time of slowing down and turning inward.  It is a time of return to that place that is the ground of our Being. The promise held within it is that we are able to remember and reaffirm who we really are and what it is we came to do and to be. We open to the fulfillment of our highest vision.

Beginning a few days before the Winter Solstice, the ceremonial guides us through a preparation, a sharing with others, a time of retreat and cleansing, to a deeper recognition of who we are and a rededication of service to Divine as we enter the New Year. Key to unlocking the potential of this inner recommitment and transformation is the reconnection with Earth and the elemental qualities that sustain our physical world. So, we organize the twelve days of the ceremonial through invocation of the four elements.

In the first three days, we call upon the Air Element to connect us to the Heavens and begin the descent through our crown chakra, communicating with our Mental Body.  We then dive for three days into the bliss of the Fire Element to activate our shoulders and digestion, heart and lungs, including the powerhouse of our lower Dan Tian as we get in touch with our Vital Body (bliss).  We gently immerse ourselves for three days in the Water Element as we move into our lower chakras and awaken our Emotional Body.  Finally, we invite the Earth Element to course through our basic chakra and root us firmly in our Physical Body.   The entirety of the ceremonial is contained within the fifth element, known as Ether or Nature or Essence (this is Divine Substance, that which is not apparent but always Present).