Violet: A Gritty Story of Love and Endurance


by Tina Bruce

Size:  6 x 9
No. Pages:  230
Published:  2022
ISBN:  978-1-952194-20-7

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Violet abandons her son to the task of making dangerous smuggling runs. What is he smuggling? He can’t tell anyone. But he knows he has to do it or else innocent people will suffer. And he knows enough about suffering just like his mom, Violet.

Set in the six months leading up to the 2020 lockdown, this compelling debut novel tells the story of a family as they travel from despair to hope in their fractured relationships. Will they heal?

Violet is a glimpse into the life of the woman you may see sleeping on a bus stop bench or shuffling along the street dragging a heavy load that is only sometimes visible.

What is she carrying?

Violet is a story of life’s hardships, gritty reality, ultimate change, and discovery of meaningful purpose. You may recognize yourself in this story or maybe someone you know. Maybe you will recognize the struggles Violet faces or be appalled at her life decisions.

Violet is a product of her environment who is also, like all of us, seeking to be safe and content in a sometimes brutal world.


About the Author

Tina Bruce lives with her family in Santa Cruz, California, spending free time collecting sea glass, hiking, and writing.