Parables & Myths


poetry by Climbing Sun

A collection of verse and poetic prose pieces traversing the author’s extraordinary rendering of existence.  Climbing Sun’s revelations are a dauntless, driven, relentless pursuit of wonderment tasting the magic of life’s myriad dimensions, always with heart wrenching love for our Mother Earth.  Engaging with this book is a magnificent adventure.

  • Size: 6 x 9
  • No. Pages: 432
  • Published: 2017
  • ISBN: 978-1-935914-75-4


Welcome to Climbing Sun’s Parables & Myths, a collection of verse and poetic prose pieces traversing Sun’s extraordinary rendering of existence.  You might want to prepare yourself before entering:

If you suffer with an insatiable lust that demands touching and feeling and responding to life, then get ready to drink the depths of sensual passion:  “let us love like thunderstorms in a cage…” (one flesh).

If you’re a nature-person, a devotee of our Mother Earth — get ready for your soul to shatter as you tango with Sun’s imagery, “lotuses often dream / about the rich indigo tint given off / by zealous muscles shuddering…in the summer surf” (lotus inc).

If you happen to have the soul of an architect/engineer, be prepared to have your unconscious urges exposed:  “an architect adept / enchanted to his flash point / by ideas of spheres and helixes and jagged spires…” (the empty field theory).

If you’re an incurable mystic, delve into the intercourse of words with the essential power of creation, finding that “your very existence is the only gift in the pinata…” (remember the question).

If you are a rebel filled with righteous anger, you will find fuel to inspire your dreaming:  “…how easy peace can be    especially in that instant / while the bullet they’ve marked for you   still belongs to the sky” (peace is almost too easy).

But the depth in Sun’s offerings doesn’t stop there.  In fact, it only begins…

If you’ve dreamed of creating Universes, know you will enter a playing field from deep-space macro to the most organic earthy atomic level, breathing “across a tongue rich with symbols / through lips blistered with the spirits of orbit” (the empty field theory).

Oh yes, a Universe awaits within these pages… and there is no way to be fully prepared…