The Musings of Consciousness: Collected Writings


David DiPietro Weiss

  • Size: 6 x 9
  • No. Pages: 182
  • Published: 2017
  • ISBN: 1270000591470


Welcome to an anthology of my collected works. These personal series of writings are chronicles of my spiritual path and meanderings. Each essay or poem connotes a reflective and personal view of life, awareness beyond the third dimension, and voices from spirit.

The contents of these essays are inspired. They are an amalgamation of messages, essays, poems and stories I have written over the past several years. Some seemed to be channeled as I simply “took dictation” from the voices within. Others were inspired when I was fully conscious in the third dimension, awake, and tuned into my literary self. All reflect a composite of who I am, both spiritually and cognitively.

Many times the inspiration to write arose from encounters with others who presented me what I considered a wise thought of being . . . enabling me to conjure the mysterious light it connected with in my soulful mind. Most are simply reflections of intuition or feelings that would capture my inner being. For example, my remembrance of my father entitled The Salt of the Earth, allowed me to clarify my lost feelings about who the entity Frederick Weiss truly was and to appreciate him for his loving simplicity. My treatment of Haiku poems suggests moments of spiritual meanderings and the appreciation of simply being. In truth my connections of life and spirit also address the fragments of inner exploration that allow me to understand my purpose of life and what occurs in the afterlife.

Excerpt from A Contract with Your Soul

Some call it the Conscience; others call it their Guardian Angel. Many simply refer to it as their Inner Voice or Consciousness, while still others may only recognize that it is there and do not or cannot give it a name. It doesn’t matter. What does matter is that this contract becomes the path of our formed existence and the agreement we made with our Source with God before we assumed this body. Now, with this body with this physical form, this consciousness, it is up to us to fulfill that contract. We are privileged to have a body and we must take full advantage of our chosen form to find the truth which we chose to seek.

We will, certainly with some difficulty, attempt to avoid the trappings of the physical world that will continually tempt us to stray from the path and lead us away from our transcending mission, away from our source—yes, away from God.

And what is that contract? How was it drawn up? How long do we have to fulfill our obligations? Do we forget about our contract the moment we take a physical form, or have we mostly chosen to ignore its importance? Who or what will let us know if and when we have completed the task and when our physical form is no longer needed? What happens if we don’t complete the contract within the lifetime of this physical form?

Ah, the answers seem so mysterious, so incongruent with our bodies, so foreign to our physical forms . . . so unanswerable. Yet those answers are here, within reach, as they all lie within us waiting to be revealed.