Lucky For Me: A Journey of Healing and Self-Discovery


by Maureen Burkley

Size:  6 x 9
No. Pages:  282
Published:  2022
ISBN:  978-1-952194-17-7


From the time Maureen was a little girl, all she wanted was a German shepherd. Then one day she is inexplicably drawn to a news story about a shepherd puppy that had been used in a dog-fighting ring and then heartlessly discarded in a dumpster. Was this the German shepherd she was meant to have? An adoption lottery could answer that and change her life in unimaginable ways.

Lucky For Me takes us deep into the lives of Lucky, the severely abused German shepherd and Maureen, her adopter. Assuming the role of rescuer, Maureen set out on what felt like an insurmountable mission to help Lucky heal from her physical and emotional wounds. Along the way she was catapulted into her own healing journey. Will Lucky and Maureen be able to overcome the obstacles that life has dealt them?

Maureen gives us an honest and introspective look at their quest to regain their confidence and find their way back to whom they are meant to be. As they endeavor to accept, heal and release the past, Maureen realizes how disconnected she is from her true self.

While attempting to answer the question “Who am I?” pieces of the puzzle begin to reveal themselves in synchronistic and magical ways. Discovering the hidden gifts in her extreme sensitivity and empathic nature, Maureen’s bond with Lucky grows even stronger and more powerful. As the process of self-discovery unfolds, a new way of life emerges—one that finally feels like home.

Lucky for Me is a true story about second chances and new beginnings. It follows Lucky and Maureen as they navigate the ups and downs of the somewhat rocky terrain to self-acceptance and self-love. Ultimately, their inspiring adventure shows us what is possible with love, courage, forgiveness, and trust.

About the Author

Maureen began her career in the computer industry as a quality management consultant and trainer. While assisting work teams to improve their internal processes, she quickly realized that one of the greatest challenges in improving processes was the interaction between team members. Maureen developed a strong interest in the people side of process improvement and her focus shifted there. For years she trained and coached individuals and organizations in areas such as: team dynamics, communication skills, conflict resolution and increasing trust, etc. After getting her coaching certification, Maureen began coaching and facilitating leadership teams to improve their performance and effectiveness as well.

As her journey continued to unfold, Maureen connected with her childhood abilities of animal communication. She studied energy healing and connected more deeply with her sensitive, empathic and intuitive abilities. Finding ways those gifts could be of service to others became her mission. She works with both animals and humans to promote physical and emotional healing. Additionally, she assists guardians in more deeply understanding the loving and supportive roles their animals are playing in their lives.

While the primary focus of her business continues to be animal communication and energy healing sessions for both animals and humans, Maureen also utilizes skills from her previous career when called to do so. Her philosophy is “Stay open to all the ways you can use your gifts to be of service to others.” Maureen currently lives in Northern California with her German shepherd, Kino.

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Wow. All I can say is wow! I finished Lucky For Me (by Maureen Burkley) on the plane a few weeks ago. The most PERFECT ALIGNMENT OF TIMING is indescribable. I don’t remember when I got the book and started reading it, I’m a slow reader lately and I read in small chunks and then I pick it up again, but I feel like each time I picked it up, that each part I read served me so perfectly during that particular time.

Since we never had a dog, I have learned so much about dogs from this book. But the most interesting part, the book also made me think a lot about life…

As I got to the end, reading about Lucky’s last year, last few months, down to last hours AND after her transitioning …….. I can’t even describe how meaningful it was for me – and things I felt for Maureen and Lucky and for MYSELF at the same time, interwoven together.

With each part of the book I read, it was like being there and being here and having a NEW understanding for the criss-cross points. I was able to begin to feel what Maureen felt AND see how those things connect to things unfolding in my own life right now.

I was able to understand Maureen’s decisions points, where they come from, and marvel at their relationship, at the end, not only had Lucky taught her and us so much, but ….compassion…. wow, compassion!! The place where compassion comes from!! Our wisdom. Our intuition. And the light and joy and peace that come with it.

I feel so much reverence for Maureen and Lucky. I thank her and Lucky both for how I was able to take what I was reading and connect it to my own life, my own journey in such a powerful way. Lucky is still teaching!!! Your pets are still teachers even after they are gone.

Zhanna Kozar


Like the boy on an expedition who seeks wisdom by attending to omens in The Alchemist, author Maureen Burkley listens intently to signs she receives from Lucky, her adopted German Shepherd. What she learns couldn’t help but propel her on a quest for personal healing and self-discovery.

Searching to understand the root causes of Lucky’s illnesses, Maureen gingerly and lovingly assists her companion in overcoming deep-seated traumas. Through the unraveling of Lucky’s knotted wounds, Maureen shows us how we can be alchemists of our own pain and transform whatever shackles us from being our best selves.

Lucky For Me is an intimate portrait of two friends who discover when one of us evolves, everything around us evolves.  The hard-earned lessons Maureen imparts throughout her story are poignant and timely, told with extraordinary honesty and regard for the reader.  This is not only a must-read for animal lovers, but for anyone who could use a reminder of the preciousness of every life.

Paula Francis, author 18 Pair of Shoes


Maureen’s book is so inspiring and very interesting to read. She showed so much strength and perseverance during her special journey with Lucky. There is so much of her heart and determination to help Lucky with her challenges. You truly see the power of unconditional love. The connections Maureen made to guide her were almost unbelievable or magical since many came in strange ways and at just the right time.

So many stories in the book that I could relate to or felt the same way at times. While reading her book it triggered many of my own memories. My favorite stories were her many fun times with Lucky. Although Lucky had some struggles she never gave up either and actually help to guide Maureen on her path. Lucky brought so much joy to so many people of all ages. They were such gifts to each other and also to so many people, myself included.

Maureen’s book taught me several things that could help me in my life as well.



It has been a long time since I resonated with and was moved by a book. “Lucky For Me” resonated with me and I was definitely moved by it. As a longtime dog lover and parent, I truly believe that dogs have souls. It is truly a gift to have a special emotional connection with an animal. They save us and we save them. Thank you for saving Lucky and I am glad she was able to help save you as well.



Maureen Burkley has written a book that any dog lover will find engaging, instructive, and transformational. Her experiences gained from adopting an abused and traumatized puppy greatly illuminate the canine/human relationship. And in doing so, illustrates the profound connection and exchange of learning that is possible between a person and any living creature.

Maureen’s journey with her German Shepherd, Lucky shows how approaching a challenging task with self-awareness and openness leads to profound discovery and healing growth. The story presents a lesson in compassion while revealing insights and training methods that made me a more loving and responsible dog parent and gave me clues about my own mental-emotional patterns. As a specialist in Emotional Intelligence, I found the book to be a consistent primer threaded with behavioral practices and keys to personal awareness that span the spectrum of relationships. Curiosity, openness, and compassion open us to deeper connections and reveal new paths. And it’s just a great dog story!

Steve Whiteford – Applied Emotional Intelligence Consultant