The Living Light: Readings to Illumine Your Life


Reverend Helice Greene

  • Size: 5.5" x 8.5" full color
  • No. Pages: 68
  • Published: 2019
  • ISBN: 2370000623270
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You stand on Holy Ground and you are here to
give expression to the Living Light which seeks
to guide you as you plant seeds of Good in the
Eternal Fields of Living culminating in the
Great Harvest continually unfolding.

Speaker and author Rev. Helice Greene has been a student of Unity for nearly 50 years. This beautiful little full-color booklet of readings is a testament to the power of New Thought vision and teachings, expressed through the heart of Rev. Helice:

The Living Light: One Cosmic Light guides deeper patterns of creation bringing implicit order to Universal Creation, culminating in the Divine Blueprint for Humankind. “One Light that lightens each soul.” The Light guides us on our journey of soul awakening and fulfillment of our Divine Nature.

The LIVING LIGHT moves in and through the vibrations of mortal thinking, quickening high vibrations and radiates from us as a dynamic force drawing to us our greatest possibilities and spiritual vision. Intuition guides us and we become more sensitive to unseen/elevated ideas and thoughts.

Light distinguishes between real/unreal; darkness transmuted into more refined patterns of energy that transcends time and touches experiences and circumstances. “Let there be Light.” In the beginning there is One Presence, Principle, Mind, Life, Substance, Wisdom and Energy.

         You are the Light of the World… Let your Light Shine.

Rev. Helice Greene inspires us to action:

Let’s move beyond the place of talking about truth in our lives. Every day let our convictions be proven by our actions, daily exercising our abilities and talents, rejoicing in love and understanding with others, letting our lives demonstrate the peace and goodwill that we seek to live by.