How to Establish a Harmony Light Portal


plus… “The Harmony Light Portal for Santa Cruz/San Lorenzo Valley”

Annie Elizabeth Porter

Anchoring Higher Love activity and protection for a room, your property, neighborhood, or region

  • Size: 8 x 10
  • No. Pages: 64
  • Published: 2017


Establishing a Harmony Light Portal

We give great service to ourselves, our family, and humanity by invoking a Harmony Light Portal in a region. Once you adopt this practice, you will enjoy invoking a Light Portal for your home, your property, your community. Don’t hesitate to play and create portals within portals within portals! It’s fun, and you will notice a change in everything around you. This booklet includes an example of a process used by Annie Elizabeth and friends to establish a harmony light portal in their region to bring higher frequency and serve as a protection field for Santa Cruz and the San Lorenzo Valley.

We use the word “Portal” because you are creating an opening (an invitation) that allows the beings of Divine Love to more easily descend to our world to help us. We need all the help we can get right now…

At the same time it is serving as a portal, the structure you are creating is also a Protection Grid. Because of the high frequency Pure Love energy field you are invoking, the effects of natural disasters (fire, flood, wind, earthquake, human violence) are mitigated within the field.

How to create a Light Portal (i.e., a crystal grid)

To establish a Light Portal for your home or your property, placing quartz or selenite crystals at the five points will help you to anchor the points. If you do not have crystals, stones from the land or stones that are meaningful to you will serve this purpose. If you are unable to place actual stones, that’s okay too! Just imagine (visualize/create with your mind) some sort of anchor crystal or stone in each position. Then, using your inner vision (intention), connect the points in a grid using the technique taught by DaEl Walker and other masters.

At the River Sanctuary, we have established a grid inside the Spirit Temple used for healing work, a grid for the Spirit Temple itself, and a grid connected to the four corners of the property. Healing circle participants have reported experiencing a visceral sense of sitting in a grid within grids and what that looks and feels like.