The Edge Manifesto


by Ron Lampi

The Lamp” Soul Talk Series no. 1

  • Size: 5 x 8
  • No. Pages: 34
  • Published: 2018
  • ISBN: 2370000428769 Publisher direct only
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Ron Lampi, philosopher, metaphysician and poet of the New Age Vision, offers a “pulls-no-punches” inspiration to those of us called to deepen their own creativity in these complex times.  Many artists, poets, musicians, healers, and open-hearted people of all sorts know we have been living “on the edge” perhaps all of our lives.  But in the curious collapse of all the foundation of the past, it becomes clear the time for action is NOW.

“We live here, we stand upon an enormous, gorgeous coastline of cliffs and beaches, gazing west over the vast Pacific, a Pacific now said to be dying, and realize that civilization is at an Edge. This is it, this is where it all comes to an end, at this Edge…with the great Ocean of Vision spread before us. This is The Edge of It All. We must come to realize what the implications are to live at The Edge…at The Edge of everything we have ever known and loved…” writes Lampi.

The challenge of these times is to stay awake and aware, fighting the temptation to  anesthetize ourselves with entertainment and distraction.

“To truly stand at The Edge is an existential condition, experienced firsthand, demanding then a creative, spiritual resolve to be open to new Vision.”  Lampi experiences this Vision for Humanity as an awakening in co-creation with Divine Psyche — a mesmerizing Being of Light at-one with our beloved Gaia-Earth.

This little booklet is a clarion call to all those who have tasted the power of creativity arising from the infinite well of Love to rise up, to shine, to contribute your new Vision for humanity’s evolution.