Covered in Cats: Stories of Felines and Other Astounding Beings


Anita Camera

  • Size: 6 x 9
  • No. Pages: 184
  • Published: 2020
  • ISBN: 2370000764076
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Anita Camera, who is an energy healer of animals and humans, has been writing stories of her life, travels, and loves — in particular, CATS! — for more than thirty years.  This collection of cat stories, along with a few stories of other endearing animals she has encountered, is accompanied by more than 50 images from her vast photo archive capturing the charm and antics of these furry heart-breakers. 

You can connect with Anita on Facebook @CoveredinCats.  For more information about online treatments & readings for you and your pets please go to Facebook @UnicornCodes or e-mail

PART ONE — “I Could Have a Cat Now . . .”
How It All Began
Oh No, Not Again!
The “Most Perfectest” of Cats
Bubu’s Birth
Bubu’s a Girl?
Family Dynamics
Stranger In A Pub, or “This One’s Got a Sister!”
Gingey-Morgan (Garfield)
The Cat That Thought She Was a Cow.
Little Sweetie Has a Plan
Kitten School.
Sedona Spirit – The Real Skinny
Sapora Goes Wild
Sapora Knows a Secret
The Fabulous Miss Mizzle
Kitty Dreaming: Forrest and Sierra
Jessie and Sapora: Thick as Thieves
Covered in Cats
Feline Secret Service: Jack & Matahari
Simba, The Lion Cat King
Silver Hires A Body Guard
The Thespians – Jasmine and Mercury
Bottle Kitties’ Trip to the Pub
Sadie and Ely
Tommy Takes His Place Among Rainbow Kitties

PART TWO — Healing Adventures or “Who Heals Whom?”
Healing With The Invisible – What Brodie Taught Me
About Energy
Embarrassment By Intuition or How Jose Got His Legs Back
Lil’Bit – A Healing Journey
Pet Secrets
Dealing With the Loss of Pets

PART THREE — “I Know These Are Not Cats”
Tales of Other Astounding Beings
The Bear and the Goat
Willie and Sweetie
The Darnaway Mouse Escape / Frankie Hitches a Ride
What’s In a Name?
The Mop Fight
Butterfly Perfection