Coming Out Of The Illusion: Realizing the Real You


Christopher Link

What is Visionary Spirituality?
How do we go forward into the unknown?
How do we grow and expand in a new realm?


  • Size: 6.5 x 6.5
  • No. Pages: 220
  • Published: 2020
  • ISBN: 978-1-935914-96-9


There comes a time when being terribly lost without a clue and having the proverbial black cloud over one’s head must come to an end. It doesn’t matter how screwed up your life has been with a rough childhood or now as an adult. I have learned that our life experiences, no matter how terrible, don’t have to shape who we are or who we become. For instance, I personally was in and out of foster homes from about age four to eighteen. I had to overcome tremendous obstacles to bring this book to you! The number one lesson for everybody is:

When you get knocked down, get up again and stand a little taller than you did before until your foundation is unbreakable!!

“Something More”… where is it? I think everybody at one point or another has asked themselves this. Looking up at the stars in wonderment at a very young age is where it all begins. All beings are aware of their surroundings and figure out really quickly something is wrong here on this beautiful planet Earth. There are plenty of indicators, such as: Violence and war, domination and hate, racial profiling and human suppression, working for survival and fighting over resources and or the need for money/debt creation. These things are part of our collective third dimensional consciousness and are no longer necessary as we advance/mature together. . . .

So, what are we looking for? What is the true reality? How can we better ourselves? How do we awaken to and find our true self again? Where is the love, joy, grace, morals, compassion, unity we know are the truth behind this existence? The most important question for us all, to ask ourselves is:

How do we break through the false reality that we have created for ourselves and the planet and keep our light shining, never to be hidden under veils of illusion again?

We will explore this thing called life through our own self-realization, together, and find some answers to these questions!


authorChris Link began pursuing writing after an awakening that launched him on a quest for deeper knowledge of our true nature. His writings inspire us to explore the mystery and ­find answers that improve our lives. Chris is dedicated to supporting others in the act of self-transmutation, bringing a higher level of love and peace to our beautiful blue planet.

Chapter One



The true nature of everybody and everything in the universe/multiverse, and things we can’t even see, is energy! All of us have our own unique energy signature. By that I mean your personal energy vibrating at a different frequency than other people and things.

Through my searching, I have found and realized that everything is alive and has consciousness, from people to animals, nature and things that wouldn’t even be considered to be alive like rocks, machines or structures. Since all things are giving off energy and vibration, sometimes the field of energy can get distorted. Talking about us as humans, this is where negative energy and influences come into play.

There is a lot we could talk about in terms of energy, but we want to focus on what is causing us to have low/negative energy or a low vibration. Ultimately, the goal for each person is to have a high vibration that is in line with full consciousness and beyond. In some way, shape or form, energy revolves around everything we do and will become. It is the foundational underpinning for our whole existence!


One of the biggest challenges that affects our energy in a major way, as you know, is fear! This very bad negative energy has been one of the main culprits and illusions keeping us in a low vibrational state forever.

So, why have we (The populace) been living in fear for so long? People live in fear because they don’t have the truth and knowledge to understand and deal with life properly. Hence the saying: “People hate what they fear and fear what they don’t understand!”

We have all been lied to in countless ways, generation after generation. If this wasn’t the case, there wouldn’t be any fear at all! There wouldn’t be any fear because instead of lies we would have the truth and real teachings based on honesty, respect and love.

We want/need loving light energy in every way, not fear and negative/dark energy. Whenever the focus is primarily on fear, doubt and worry, this means there is a major lack of truth and love!

You will be happy to know that there isn’t any such thing as fear, only created delusions that have been perpetuated. Most (a high percentile) of what people think are facts or, you could say, what people have fears about, are just someone else’s opinion (Delusion) and or lies that they, themselves have been told. This chain of lies has continued throughout time for the purpose of control and manipulation of the masses.

Now you can see how the fear monster got created. This spreads around like wild fire and as the saying goes, FEAR is: “False Evidence Appearing Real!” The evidence is fake or false, and man’s opinion/adopted belief is appearing real because of endless brainwashing since the beginning of human civilization for the purpose of maintaining power and control over people. Remember, fear won’t be present when truth and love are around!


When all of this keeps spinning out of control, it doesn’t take long to bring out or about the energy blocks that we have and experience. If you and I are thinking and saying to ourselves I need more money, I want better health, or I want a better relationship and love in my life, we are actually saying that we want more and better free flowing energy! These fear-based ideas become thought-forms and over time become deeply held beliefs.

Negative thought- forms like fear, greed and resentment, give us a low vibration and keep us down in a blocked state! We then become angry and we make things worse by hating life and blaming others.

Hate is another energy blocker! If somebody is intensely disliking another person,  whatever the reason, it is obvious that the light energy is blocked. If this isn’t relieved, it could lead to a negative action like violence or even murder!

Another huge form of energetic blocking is mysticism! “This happens when we “give our power/energy away” to external or outside sources because we have been deceived into thinking that they can help, guide or direct us in some way.

It doesn’t matter if it’s governments, religions, corporations or other people. As you have probably figured out and can see, this type of buying into lies and misconception has put the whole planet in a bad way and the continuation of life itself is at risk.

Our personal negative energy blocks us, and if that is combined with negative energy from everybody else, it will block the whole planet from progressing. This is why it has been said that we live in a frequency-sick world or an anti-civilization.

Positive change for progressing forward with growth for us and the planet begins with loving energy!

The good news is that the heavy and dense/negative third dimension we have been a part of and living in for so long now is at a close. Everything that is going on in the world right now, you could say, is growing pains and remnant on our way to higher loving energies and dimensions!


What I am alluding to here is the Golden Age/Age of Aquarius and New Earth that you have been hearing about. This energetic shift of the (Old) ages and time lines will put us in a whole new realm where fear and negativity are non-existent.

As we are leaving illusions behind and heading into the new age, we want to focus on getting rid of negative baggage and raise our vibrations as much as possible. We will accomplish this by getting the positive (Ball) vibration bigger than the negative (Ball) vibration! Our ball of energy is like a meter and for the longest time now it has been reading in the negative, the time has come to raise to a higher/ positive level for further advancement. This is already happening, so you can trust that we’re on the right track!


You have probably heard the saying: “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear!” What does this mean exactly? When we put our energy or vibration out into the universe for what we want or desire the universe starts working with the trillions of variables to bring it to us.

We are all connected and like attracts like, so when you are ready (The Student), the teacher will appear as a person to talk to, a book to read, an audio to listen to or a video to watch.

There is endless variation in the form and manner in which the teacher shows up. It can be anything that you need at that moment to put you on the right path to getting what you are looking for, need, want or desire.

We have access to all kinds of people, websites, stores, books…etc. In this book, I am trying to inform you about the best resources I have found, used and studied. Within this book you will see that a lot of Ideas and topics are interwoven and go along together hand in hand – such as, energy and the next topics we will be talking about.

Talking about energy, we are covering the very basics here. I am trying to establish a root base to start from and then you can just keep going into your own explorations. Throughout the book, we will be exploring how energy relates to our lives, and how to utilize it in a positive fashion for the highest good of ourselves and others.


For starters: The best thing we can do as energy/light beings to increase our vibration in a positive manner is to simply be more loving! We can also raise our energy through a bunch of little things, such as: Laughing a lot, watching movies/comedy shows, exercising or going for walks in nature. Giving is always good, to your favorite charities or helping others in general. Playing with your pets or kids, and of course romantic love, is always good.

I have learned that taking steps to create anything you long for is a huge help, such as music or art. For example, while learning to play the drums, I am finding that the rhythmic beat of drumming is very therapeutic and helps me find my center.

So, playing an instrument or creating music and art can be a big help in raising one’s vibrational level, among other creative outlets. Recreational activities, sports and just making time to have fun and enjoy yourself/life with others is also very important.

WHO CAN I LISTEN TO?  This site has a lot of information on energy blocks and ways to clear them with good knowledge about raising one’s vibration.


Here are a few good books to read:

See You at the Top (Zig Ziglar, 2005). This book teaches about getting rid of negative thinking in order to move forward and have upward growth.

The Source Field Investigation (David Wilcock, 2012) is full of information about the new science of energy and how it effects everything in the universe.

Ask and It Is Given (Esther & Jerry Hicks, The Teachings of Abraham, 2003) has very good information on how to raise your vibration through different and positive techniques.