Ashalyn and Thoth the Atlantean 
The Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean: Ancient Wisdom Rewritten for the Present-Time Truth Seeker

Bartos, Gary
Banana Slug of the Santa Cruz Mountains: Up Close and Personal Encounters of Fact, Fiction, and Fun

Bennett, Fred
Meeting Saint Germain

Bradrick, Heather
Grandma Josephine: The Upper Hood River Valley and Days Gone By

Brown, Jessie
His Grace is Sufficient
Viewpoint of a Woman: The Window of Your Understanding

Burns, Anastacia
The Blue Horse Wind (poems)

Calabrese, Dino
Within Each of Us: A Journey of Awakening to Inner Guidance

Cano, Lisa
As Always Lisa: A Coloring Book of Mandalas for Therapy, Meditation, and Fun!

DeHaan, Michael
Hands and Heart: Stories of General Surgery

DeVries, Ardeth
A Space Between:  A Journey of the Spirit

Deena, Christy
Notes to Self: Meditations on Being

Drew, C. Heidi
Oliver Owl

Fuller, Barbara
The Last Persimmons

Furuichi, Billie Ruth
Illuminating the Mundane: Transformational Silk Painting and Haiku

Goldman, Paul
Wild Joy: Ruminations

Handl, January
Leaning Toward Knowing (poems)

Keller, Joyce
Dreamscape (poems)

Lampi, Ron
From the Corridors (of the Labyrinth)
On The Cruz
The New Story. . . two poems
The Poet Reflects

Poetry / IS
Through the Labyrinth: A Guided Astrological Meditation

Lee, Han-Jae
The Golden Gate Bridge and Other Natural Wonders

Leuck, Mike
Construction Supervisor Cal/OSHA Compliance Guide

Lovell, Amos
Seven Breaths: Stepping Into Your Power of Choice

McCall, Kathy
The Unorthodox Life: Walking Your Own Path to the Divine

Miller, Lamura
Rooney Crooney (children’s)

Morro, Nancy Emily
A String of Pearls: Restoring the Soul Through Poetry

Nazareth, Melanie
Can I Have Some Cake Too? A Story About Food Allergies and Friendship (Softcover)
Can I Have Some Cake Too? ….  (Hardcover)

Norry, Jay
Stumbling Backasswards Into the Light

Oser, Andrew
How Alternation Can Change Your Life: Finding the Rhythms of Health and Happiness

Peduto, Ralph
American Maze: Only One Way Out

Porter, Annie Elizabeth
Affirmations for Everyday Living
Spirit Offerings (poems)

Snyder, Stephen
The Siren’s Guitar: A Musical Paddling Adventure

Starbuck, Jeffrey
Snapshots in Eternity: Stitching Together the Four Corners of Existence

Sun, William
The Blue

Wahl, Larry
The Vallian Trilogy Book II: The Learner

Weiss, Danny L.
The Hollow Earth Revisited

Weiss, David DiPietro
Impressions from Yonder Soul
There’s Only One of Us Here: A Guide for Aspiring Light Seekers

Wilson, Steve D.
A Moment in Time: Book One–Nature’s Way
A Moment in Time: Book Two–A Burdened Dream

Young, Karen
The Alchemy of Caregiving: Transforming Grief and Loss Into Wholeness