Book Size and Appearance

Popular size options are:

5 x 8                                                                            7 x 10              8 x 10              8.25 x 11

5.25 x 8 (poetry typical size)                                       (large sizes have higher print cost per copy)

5.5 x 8.5

6 x 9 (common nonfiction book size)         NOTE: There are no “landscape” sizes available.

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Tips on deciding book size:

A good way to decide on the size for your book is to take a look at books in your collection; or, go to a bookstore and look at the books. Take a ruler with you. When you see a book that looks like how you can imagine your book, note the size; note the number of pages. Note how the interior looks, how readable it is (how large a font and how much white space.) This is also a good time to take a look at cover designs. What type of design do you like? Make a photocopy if possible. (More on covers below…)

Remember: Print cost per book is based on the number of pages. Therefore, it is prudent to choose the largest dimensions that is practical for your book. If your book has lots of pages, choosing a larger size format will give you a lower print cost.

Note on paper type:   Choices for black-and-white printing are white or crème. Crème paper is slightly heavier, so it’s a nice choice if you want to make a short book feel a bit more substantial. However, white paper is preferable for display of images. Paper types for color printing are higher quality in Premium Color than in Standard Color – but Standard Color paper is still quite nice…

There are no glossy papers available in On-Demand printing.

Consider adding images: Give some thought to how you might enhance your book with the inclusion of some images or illustrations. These can be photographs, or other graphics that you have designed or have copyright permission to use.

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