Distribution Options

DeVorss Option

Book Listing with DeVorss Distributors         $25 fee*

RSP authors may request to have their book submitted to DeVorss & Company (a distributor of spiritual books) for listing in their catalog.* Many New Thought (Unity and Religious Science) church bookstores have accounts with DeVorss. Listing your book in DeVorss directly targets your potential audience (as compared to Amazon which is a non-specific market).

There is no guarantee that DeVorss will select your book for inclusion in their catalog.

If DeVorss selects your book for inclusion, the terms are as follows:

  1. DeVorss will list your book in their catalog and sell your book on consignment. DeVorss requires that they be provided with 25 copies of your book.
  2. Because DeVorss is a distributor selling books wholesale to bookstores (at 40% discount off retail price), they provide compensation to RSP for the books sold with a 55% discount off the retail price.
  3. River Sanctuary Publishing does not take any percentage of your book sales through DeVorss. Your sales profit will be included in your quarterly report of earnings. We do expect authors to pay the print cost of the books and the cost of shipping the books to DeVorss (see below).
  4. You have the following options for providing books to DeVorss:
    1. You may request that RSP place an order for 25 books and have them shipped directly to DeVorss. You will be billed for the print cost and shipping cost;   OR
    2. If you have a large personal supply of your books on hand, you may wish to ship 25 copies directly to DeVorss instead of paying the print cost. If you choose to do this, be sure to list River Sanctuary Publishing (P.O. Box 1561, Felton CA 95018) as the return address to facilitate DeVorss in cataloging your item. Ship your copies to:

DeVorss & Company
553 Constitution Avenue
Camarillo, CA 93012

Attn: Melinda Grubbauer, PO #________________ (to be provided by RSP)

  1. DeVorss will also mail out advertising flyers (1000), so it is highly recommended that you take advantage of this. The flyers must be prepared according to certain specifications. RSP will prepare a black-and-white flyer for your book (which you will have a chance to review) at a cost of $75 (includes design, printing and shipping to DeVorss).
  2. DeVorss will list your book for at least one year. If sales after one year do not warrant, DeVorss may discontinue your title.

Please review this information and let us know if you would like to take advantage of this opportunity.

*             Our fee for this service is $25 (to cover the cost of procuring a copy of your book, preparing a cover letter and shipping to DeVorss for review).