Annie Elizabeth Porter and David DiPietro Weiss of River Sanctuary Publishing (RSP) reflect on some of the exhilarations and challenges in the writer’s journey:

Deepening self-discovery

Annie: Writing is addictive and writers are as passionate as any other artists are about their work. In the process of writing, we have an opportunity to meld with a Higher Power and work in the most satisfying way possible in this human experience. How do you handle “writer’s block?” Use a prayer, a ritual (e.g., light a candle) and invite your voice to come through; always carry a notebook and tape recorder. Beginning is the hardest part! After that, it’s just getting yourself to sit down and tune in. Writing is one of the best ways to get in touch with that “voice inside your head” that yearns to co-create with you. So, through writing we deepen our connection with Source.

River Sanctuary Pub Annie_DavidMaking a contribution

David: Stories abound these days of persons pursuing their artistic endeavor in anonymity who are discovered and “go viral” to achieve huge success. It appears this fame happened magically, but in truth a person’s success is a matter of the energy, intent, courage, and most of all willingness of the individual to put themselves “out there” for public scrutiny. Online distributors such as Amazon.com make one’s work available throughout the world, with the down side that these retailers pass along little of the profits to the author and offer discounts that compete with the author for sales. Nonetheless, writing has unlimited potential to connect us with others worldwide.

Demonstrating your inner strength

David: It is often said that “everyone has a book in him or her” – but in truth relatively few people actually complete their book. Others are impressed when they find out you’ve published a book because – as every writer knows – it takes fortitude to complete a book. There is painstaking work to be done long after the initial thrill wears off. An experienced mentor provides the guidance and support you need along the way. Your book, beautifully presented in print form, is evidence of your ability to set an intention, focus, and make key decisions. Therefore, completing your book shows you to be a person who can manifest what you intend.

Evolving and growing yourself

Annie: Every writer has experienced the grueling process of finalizing a piece, and it’s likely you will be your own worst critic. You have learned more and become a different person through the writing process, and it feels like the journey could go on forever! There comes a time when the “baby” must be born. A skilled editor and proofreader will help you to approach the perfection you desire. Amazingly, the exhilaration of your achievement quickly transforms to a yearning for the next project. So, writing supports you to become more of the unique and wonderful YOU!

At River Sanctuary Publishing, we mentor you through the ecstasy and the agony of the creative process. RSP is here to help you realize your greatness.